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Request To Allow Homoeopathic Hospitals To Treat COVID 19

We request the Government to a allow Homoeopathic Hospitals to treat the patients suffering from Novel Corona virus, COVID 19.
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The homoeopathy doctors association, called Hahnemannian Homoeo Forum (HHF), with its main branch in Mumbai, Thane, said that they should be given a chance to find a solution to treat COVID-19 at a time when allopathy treatment hasn’t been successful so far.
According to Dr Mayuresh Mahajan, President of the HHF, the association has a team of doctors who have extensive experience in dealing with infectious diseases like swine flu, dengue, malaria etc, adding that the results obtained by homoeopathy during epidemics consistently reveal an extremely low mortality rate. He further said morbidity and mortality from the cause of death in the present COVID-19 epidemic pandemic could be dramatically lessened by the simple application of homoeopathy. 
The HHF president further stated that the team of homoeopaths would be pleased to offer their regional teams to take up cases where required, as well as work under the guidance of the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) for the research in the treatment of COVID-19 with homeopathic medicines.
“We would humbly like to offer our services to the nation and to our state with your permission, we are ready to treat all COVID-19 patients with homoeopathy and thus contribute to the rapid end of this pandemic,” said Dr Mahajan, in his letter to CCRH.

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