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Coronavirus And Homeopathy

Author: Dr Dilip Soni, Jaipur

For Prevention of COVID-19, we should not prescribe a single medicine to every individual. For a proper result, we should follow the Organon’s aphorisms 150, 262, 291. So it should be divided into two parts one is the prevention of disease and the other is for curative purpose, in the first half there is char of prevention of COVID-19, and another half is how to approach to get cure of an infected case. I did my best but there is always scope for improvement.



ARS Do not want to quarantine, with a slight fever( prodrome)
CHINA Prodromal symptom with anxiety but ready for quarantine
CAL CARB Do not go out from the home and busy in prayer or touch in the doctor
CARC Obey the rules given by the WHO or Indian government and try to disinfect everything by washing or sanitizer
MERC SOL Do opposite activity then advisory given by health organization
LACH Thinks or talks that this is a chemical war, and being purposefully spread by china
SULPH Creating strange ideas to for prevention like make underwear mask, tissue paper, cloth mask
ARG NIT Restless and anxiety about the future think that what will happen if I would have in the hospital because he has hospital phobia
BELL Aversion to visit, sleeplessness and restlessness.
LYCO Avoid meeting friends or new persons, want to stay at home with family but sit alone in the room.
NAT MUR Do preventive activities like sharing or distributing masks or sanitizer or other preventive things to others not attention for family.
BRYO Like to be at home but does not sacrifice income for it so he goes to his workplace and makes money in this crisis.
APIS Doing hard work for people like doctors and medical staff
NUX V These persons are use alcohol, ayurvedic kaddas, multivitamins and other things to save himself from the corona
PULS Read the medical or related book to know about the disease because they are the most affected individual due to the prohibition of hugging or kissing means maintaining social distance.
IGN They in panic or brood on the situation of the world and too emotional about others while watching tv.
KALICARB He thinks I have no immunity my body is hollow so I get infected, this medicine may use after infection.
PHOS Wants therapy out of anxiety specially nature-therapy or yoga.

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