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Scope Of Homoepathy In The Field Of Biotechnology

Homoeopathy is a  medical science developed by Dr Christian Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann in 1790. The system is based on the concept of similia similibus curentur, that means likes are cured by likes. The medicines in homoeopathy is prepared from a vast source like plant, animal, mineral, synthetic source, tautopathy and imponderabilia.
The medicines are prepared by the process of potentization, where by the dynamic power if the medicine is aroused  which leads to the cure of the disease.  It differs from other system based on the principles and process of preparation and administration of medicines.
Homoeopathy plays a great role in treating all sorts of disease by giving medicines based on the symptom similarity. The treatment with homoeopathy dose not produce any side effects. Homoeopathy have proved its role in treating all disease including cancer.  The recent advanced technology of homoeopathy is used in plants for increasing its productivity and for controlling plant disease. Homoeopathy is also used in veterinary science  for the  treatment of animal disease.
The holistic  concept of homoeopathy helps in bringing a healthy environment and healthy world. Homeopathy is a time-tested two-century old empirical system of healing. Homeopathic medicines are prepared through a characteristic process known as potentization, where serial dilutions are performed with strong strokes at each step of dilution.
Biotechnology has offered modern medical devices for diagnostic and preventive purposes, which include diagnostic test kits, vaccines and radio-labeled biological therapeutics used for imaging and analysis.
Homoeopathy  has a great role in biotechnology, the latest investigations of biotechnology like nanotechnology and plant biotechnology help to prove and analyse the efficiency of homoeopathy. The nanotechnology provides a  way of light to explain the medicinal content in homoeopathic medicine beyond Avogadro number. Several in-vivo and in-vitro research  are  being conducted in the field of homoeopathy with the help of biotechnology. Both the system goes hand by hand in creating a good healthy humans.


completed B.H.M.S AND M.D FROM Sarada krishna homoeopathic medical college, tamilnadu. worked as assistant professor in white memorial; homoeopathic medical college, tamil nadu. working as junior research fellow in NHRIMH , KOTTAYA,

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