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Original Works Of Dr Hahnemann

Original Writings, Books, Essays and Magazine Articles


1779. Inaugural thesis. Defended august 10, 1779. Erlangen. Ellrodtianis.


1781 small essays published in Kreb’s journal. Quedlinburg.


1783. Articles in the Sammlung for physicians. Leipsic. Weygand. 1783-7.


1784. Directions for curing old sores and ulcers, etc. Leipsic. Crusius.


1786. On arsenical poisoning, its treatment and judicial detection. Leipsic. Crusius.


1787. Treatise on the prejudices existing against coal fires ; and mode of improving this combustible, and its employment in heating bakers’ ovens. Dresden. Walther.

1787. On the difficulties of preparing soda from potash and kitchen salt. In Crell’s annals of chemistry.


1788. On the influence of certain gases in the fermentation of wine. In Crell’s annals of chemistry. Vol. 1, pt. 4.

1788. On the wine test for iron and lead. In Crell’s annals, vol. 1, pt. 4.

1788. Concerning bile and gall stones. In Crell’s annals, vol. 2, pt. 10.

1788. Essay on a -new agent in the prevention of putrefaction. In Crell’s annals, vol. 2, pt. 12. Also journal of medicine. Paris. Vol. 81.


1789. Unsuccessful experiments with some new discoveries. In Crell’s annals of chemistry, vol. 1, pt. 3.

1789. Letter to L. Crell upon baryta. In Crell’s annals of chemistry, vol. 1, pt. 8.

1789. Discovery of a new constituent in plumbago. In Crell’s annals, vol. 2, pt. 10.

1789. Observations on the astringent properties of plants. In Crell’s annals, vol., 4, pt. 10.

1789. Exact mode of preparing the soluble mercury. In the New Literary Adviser for Physicians, Halle, 1789, and in Baldinger’s New Magazine for Physicians, Vol. 11, pt. 5.

1789. Instructions for surgeons respecting venereal diseases ; together with a new mercurial preparation. Leipsic. Crusius. Also in Dudgeon’s translation of Lesser Writings.


1790. Complete mode of preparing the soluble mercury. Crell’s Annals, Vol. 2, pt. 8.

1790. Notes to Crell on various subjects. Crell’s Annals, Vol. 1, pt. 3.


1791. Insolubility of some metals and their oxides, in caustic ammonia. Crell’s Annals, vol, 2, pt. 8.

1791. On the best method of preventing salivation and the destructive effects of mercury. Blumenbach’s Medical Book, Vol. 3, pt. 3.


1792. On the preparation of Glauber’s salts according to the mode of Ballen. Crell’s Annals, pt. 1.

1792. On the art of testing wine. Scherf’s Archives of Medicine, Vol. 3.

1792. The friend of health. Vol, 1, Leipsic. Fleischer. Vol. 2. Leipsic. Crusius. Consists of a series of short essays on medical subjects. Dudgeon’s Lesser Writings. Stapf’s K1. Med. Schrift.


1793-99. Pharmaceutical lexicon Leipsic. Crusius. In 4 vols.

1793. Remarks on the Wirtemburg and Hahnemann’s wine test. In the German Literary Gazette, No. 79.

1793. Preparation of the Cassel yellow. Erfurt. Also in Act. Academ. Scient. Erfurt. 1794.


1794. On Hahnemann’s test for wine and the new liquor probatorius fortior. Tromsdorf’s journal of Pharmacy, Vol 2. Crell’s Annals, Vol. 1.


1795. On Crusta Lactea. Blumenbach’s Med. Bibliothek, Vol. 3.


1796. Description of Klockenbring during his insanity. In German Monthly Magazine, February, 1796. Lesser Writings.

1796. Essay on a new principle for ascertaining the curative powers of drugs. Hufeland’s journal for Practicing Physicians, Vol. 2, pts. 3, 4. Lesser Writings. This was the first public announcement of the new principle of Homoeopathy.


1797. Something about the pulverization of Ignatia beans. In Tromsdorf’s journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 5, pt. 1.

1797. Are the obstacles to the attainment of simplicity and certainty in the practice of medicine insurmountable ? Hufeland’s journal, Vol. 4. pt. 4. Lesser Writings. Brit. Jour. Hom., Vol. 2.

1797. Case of rapidly cured colicodynia. Hufeland’s Journal, Vol. 3, pt. 1. Dudgeon’s Lesser Writings.


1798. Antidotes to some heroic vegetable substances. Hufeland’s journal, Vol. 5, pt. 1. Lesser Writings.

1798. Some kinds of continued and remittent fevers. Hufeland’s Journal, Vol, 5, pt. 1. Lesser Writings.

1798. Some periodical and hebdomadal diseases. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 5, pt. 1. Lesser Writings.


1800. Preface to the Thesaurus Medicaminum. Leipsic. Fleischer. Lesser Writings. (This is the preface in which he condemns the book.)


1801. Observations on the three current methods of treatment. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 11, pt. 4. Stapf’s KI. Med. Schrift.

1801. Essay on small doses of medicine and of Belladonna in particular. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 13, pt. 2. Lesser Writings.

1801. Fragmentary observations on Brown’s elements of medicine. Hufeland’s Journal, vol. 12, pt. 2. Lesser Writings.

1801. View of professional liberality at the commencement of the nineteenth century. Reichs Anzeiger, No. 32. Lesser Writings.

1801. Cure and prevention of scarlet fever. Gotha. Becker. Edited by Buchner, and reprinted in 1844. Lesser Writings.


1803. On a proposed remedy for hydrophobia. in Reichs Anzeiger, no. 71. lesser writings.

1803. On the effects of coffee. Leipsic. Steinacker. Lesser Writings ; Am. Jour. Hom., June, 1835 ; Hom. Exam., Aug.,
1840. Trans. into French by Brunnow, and published at Dresden, 1824 ; into Danish by Lund, Copenhagen, 1827 ; into Hungarian by Paul Balogh Pesth 1829 ; into Russian by Dr. A. Peterson ; also into Spanish and Italian ; in 1855 into English by Mrs. Epps, and published in a book “Progress of Homoeopathy,’ London, 1855. Trans. by W. L. Breyfogle, Louisville, Ky., 1875.


1805. Fragmenta de viribus medicamentorum positivis sive in sano corpore humano observatis. Leipsic. Barth. 2 parts. (The first collection of Drug Provings on the Healthy Body.) This was issued in one volume in 1834, edited by F. F. Quin, of London.

1805. Aesculapius in the balance. Dresden. Arnold. Lesser Writings. Brit. Jour. Hom., vol. 3. Hom. Pioneer. Schweikert’s Zeitung, vol. 1, 1830. Trans. Into Danish by Lund.


1806. Objections to proposed substitutes for Cinchona, and to succedanea in general. In Reichs Anzeiger, No. 57. Lesser Writings.

1806. Concerning substitutes for quinine. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 23.

1806. What are poisons ? what are medicines ? Hufeland’s Journal, vol. 24, pt. 3.

1806. Scarlet fever and Purpura miliaris, two different diseases. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 17, pt. 1.

1806. Medicine of experience. Berlin. Wittig. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 22, pt. 3. Lesser Writings. Brit. Jour. Hom., vol. 1.


1808. On the value of speculative systems of medicine, especially in connection with the various systems of practice. Allgemeine Anzeiger. Lesser Writings. Brit. Jour. Hom., vol. 2. Hom. Exam., 1840. Am. Jour. Hom., Feb., 1835. Hom. Pioneer.

1808. Extract from a letter to a physician of high standing on the great necessity of a regeneration in medicine. In Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 343 Lesser Writings. Hom. Exam., Sept., 1840. Hom. Pioneer. (Letter to Hufeland.)

1808. Indications of the homoeopathic employment of medicines in ordinary practice. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 26, pt. 2 ; also in first three editions of Organon. Dudgeon’s trans of the Organon.

1808. On the present want of foreign medicines. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 207. Lesser Writings

1808. On substitutes for foreign drugs, and on the recent announcement of the medical faculty in Vienna relative to the superfluousness of the latter. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 327. Lesser Writings.

1808. Observations on scarlet fever. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 160. Lesser Writings.

1808. Reply to a question about the prophylactic for scarlet fever. Hufeland’s journal, vol. 27, pt. 4.


1809. To a candidate for the degree of M. D. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 227. Lesser Writings.

1809. Signs of the times in the ordinary system of medicine. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 326. Lesser Writings.

1809. On the prevailing fever. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 261. Lesser Writings.


1810. Organon Of Rational Healing. Dresden. Arnold. 2d edition, 1819 ; 3d edition, 1824 ; 4th edition, 1829 ; 5th edition, 1833.

Trans. into French by Brunnow, and published in Dresden by Arnold in 1824 ; 2d edition of same, 1832.

Into Hungarian in 1830, Pesth, Ottonal.

French translation by Dr. Jourdan, Paris, Baillière, 1832 ; also in 1834 ; 3d edition of same, 1845 ; 4th, 1873.

In 1833 translated from the 4th German edition by Chas. H. Devriant, with notes by Sam’l Stratton. Dublin, London, Edinburgh.

Trans. by Dr. Liedbeck into Swedish, Stockholm, 1836.

In 1840, into Russian by Wratzky ; into Russian by Sarokin in 1887-90.

Into, Spanish by Sanlieby, Madrid ; into Spanish in 1853 by Valero.

Into Italian by Guranta, and also by Fransesco Romano.

A 6th German edition was edited by Lutze, Coethen, 1865.

In 1849 by Dudgeon into English from the 5th edition. London, Headland.

In 1836 the I st American from the British translation of 1833 was published by the Allentown Academy. 1843, 2d American edition, New York, Radde. 1849, 3d American edition, New York, Radde. 1869, 4th American edition, New York, Radde. In 1876 it was re-translated by Conrad Wesselhoeft, of Boston, and published by Boericke &- Tafel. This is the 5th American from the 5th German edition.

New edition by Dudgeon, with an Appendix. London, 1893.

Trans. by Fincke, Jour. of Homoeopathics, New York, 1889. See, also Cal. Horn’th, vol. 9, p. 3,37.


1811. Materia Medica Pura. Dresden. Arnold. 6 vols. Vol. 1 1811 ; vol. 2, 1816 ; vol. 3, 1817 ; vol. 4, 1818 ; vol. 5, 1819 ; vol. 6, 1821.

2d edition. Vol. 1, 1822 ; vol. 2, 1824 ; vol. 3, 1825 ; vol. 4, 1825 ; vol. 5, 1826 ; vol. 6, 1827.

3d edition, 1830. Vol. 2, 1833. Only two vols. were published of this edition.

In 1825 translated into Italian by Romani. Naples. Nobile.

In 1826 an edition in Latin was published in Leipsic by Brunnow, Stapf and Gross, containing also the Viribus.

Trans. in 1828 into French by Bigel. Varsovie. Into French by Jourdan in 1834, Paris, Baillière. In 1877 by the Drs. Simon into French

In 1840 Dr. Quin commenced a translation into English in London, but when vol. 1 was published it was destroyed by fire. No others were published.

Trans. by Hempel in 1846. New York. Radde.

A Hahnemann Materia Medica by Drysdale, Black, Dudgeon and Hughes, published in London in 1852 ; but 3 parts published.

Into Italian by Dadea in 1873. Turin. 2 vols.

1880. Trans. by Dudgeon, London. 2 vols. with additions by Hughes.

1880. Trans. by Arndt. Med. Counselor, vols. 3, 4, 5.


1812. Dissertation on the Helleborism of the ancients. Leipsic. Tauchnitz. Thesis to the Faculty at Leipsic. Also in Lesser Writings.


1813. Spirit of the homoeopathic doctrine of medicine. In Allgemeine Anzeiger, March, 1813. Vol. 2 of Materia Medica Pura. Lesser Writings. As a pamphlet in New York by Hans Birch Gram in 1825. Trans. by Ad. Lippe in 1878, and published in The Organon, a journal. Hom. Exam., Oct., 1840. Also trans. by G. M. Scott, London, Glasgow. 1838. Trans. by Lund into Danish.


1814. Treatment of typhus& fever at present prevailing. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 6. Lesser Writings.


1816. Venereal disease and its improper treatment. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 211. Lesser Writings.

1816. Treatment of burns. Answer to Dr. Dzondi. In Allgemeine Anzeiger, Nos..-156, 204. Lesser Writings.


1819. On uncharitableness to suicides. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 144. Lesser Writings.


1820. On the preparation and dispensing of medicines by homoeopathic physicians. First published in Stapf’s Lesser Writings of Hahnemann. Also Dudgeon’s Lesser Writings.


1821. Treatment of purpura miliaris. Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 26. Lesser Writings.


1825. How may homoeopathy be most certainly readicated ? Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 227. Lesser Writings.

1825. Information for the truth seeker. Published in the Materia Medica Pura under the title : How Can Small Doses of Such Very Attenuated Medicines as Homoeopathy Employs Still Possess Great Power ? Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 194. Lesser Writings. Hom. Pioneer. Brit. Jour. of Hom., vol. 2.


1828. Chronic diseases, their nature and homoeopathic treatment. Dresden and Leipsic. Arnold. Vols. 1, 2, 3, 1828 ; vol. 4, 1830.

2d edition. Dusseldorf. Schaub. Vols. 1, 2, 1835 ; vol. 3, 1837 ; vol. 4, 1838 ; vol. 5, 1839.

Trans. into French by Jourdan. Paris, 1832. 2d edition of same 1846.

Into French by Bigel. Edited by Des Guidi in 1832.

Into English from French edition by G. M. Scott. Glasgow, 1842.

Into Italian by Belluornini. Teramo. 1832-7. 4 vols.

In 1849 into Italian by Villannera. Madrid.

In 1845 by Hempel into English. New York. Raddle 5 vols.

Reprint of vol. 1 in Med. Advance, vol. 22. 1889.

In 1894 from 5th German edition into English by L. H. Tafel. Boericke ac Tafel. Philadelphia.


1829. Letters by Hahnemann to dr. Schreier. New Archives of Stapf. Vol. 23.

1829. Letter to Korsakoff about impregnation of globules with medicine. Stapf’s Archivs. Vol. 8, pt. 2. Lesser Writings.

1829. Lesser medical writings of Hahnemann. Collected by Stapf. Dresden : Arnold. But for this book we should know but little of the essays of Hahnemann. These are for the most part translated and published in Dudgeon’s edition of Lesser Writings, of which there is an English and an American edition.


1831. Allopathy, a word of warning to sick persons. Leipsic. Baumgartner. Lesser Writings. Trans. into Danish by Lund.

1831. Appeal to thanking philanthropists respecting the mode of propagation of Asiatic cholera. Leipsic. Berger. Lesser Writings. Brit. Jour. of Hom., Oct., 1849. S. W. Hom. Jour. and Rev., vol. 3.-

1831. Cure of Asiatic cholera. Coethen. Aug. 1831 Same. 2d edition. Leipsic. Gluck.

1831. Letter about the cure of cholera. Berlin. Hirschwald. Trans. into Danish by Lund.

1831. Circular on the cholera, Schweikert’s Zeitung d. Natur. Heilkunst. Vol. 2.

1831. Cure and prevention of Asiatic cholera. Stapf’s Archivs. Vol. 11, pt. 1. Schweickert’s Zeitung, Vol. 2.

1831. Notes by Hahnemann on Korsakoff’s letter on attenuation of homoeopathic remedies. Stapf’s Archivs, vol. 11, pt. 2. Lesser Writings.


1832. Summons to the half-homoeopathists of Leipsic. N. W. Jour. Hom., vol. 4.

1832. Cure of cholera. Nurnburg. Stein.

1832. Preface to Boenninghausen’s Repertory.

Reference: The Life and Letters of Dr Samuel Hahnemann By Thomas Lindsley Bradford, M.D.

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