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Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases are usually defined as diseases arising out of or in the course of employment. They are as follows:

I. Diseases due to physical agents:
(1) Heat: Heat hyperpyrexia, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat cramps,burns and local effects such as prickly heat.
(2) Cold: Trench foot, frostbite, chilblains
(3) Light: Occupational cataract, miner’s nystagmus
(4) Pressure: Caisson   disease,   air   embolism,   blast (explosion)
(5) Noise: Occupational deafness
(6) Radiation: Cancer, leukaemia,   aplastic   anaemia, pancytopenia
(7) Mechanical factors: Injuries, accidents.
(8) Electricity: Burns

II. Diseases due to chemical agents:
(1)Gases like C02, CO, HCN, CS2, NH3, N2, H2S, HCI, SO2: Gas poisoning.
(2)Dusts (Pneumoconiosis):
(i)   Inorganic Dusts:
(a) Coal dust: Anthracosis
(b) Silica: Silicosis
(c) Asbestos: Asbestosis, cancer lung
(d) Iron: Siderosis
(ii) Organic (vegetable) Dusts:
(a) Cane fibre: Bagassosis
(b) Cotton dust: Byssinosis
(c) Tobacco: Tobacossis
(d) Hay or grain dust: Farmers’lung
(3) Metals and their compounds: Toxic hazards from lead, mercury, cadmium, manganese, beryllium, arsenic, chromium, etc.
(4) Chemicals: Acids, alkalies, pesticides
(5) Solvents: Carbon bisulphide, benzene, trichloroethylene, chloroform, etc.

III. Diseases due to biological agents:
Brucellosis, leptospirosis, anthrax, actinomycosis, hydatidosis, psittacosis, tetanus, encephalitis, fungal infections, etc.

IV. Occupational cancers:
Cancer of skin, lungs, bladder

V. Occupational dermatosis:
Dermatitis, eczema

VI. Diseases of psychological origin:
Industrial neurosis, hypertension, peptic ulcer, etc.

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