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Pott’s Disease

Definition – Tuberculosis of the vertebral column is called Pott’s disease.

Age Between 3 to 5 years.
Site Most common in the lower thoracic region or thoraco-lumbar junctional region.
Route of Infection Blood-borne infection is the commoner type.


  1. Central – Starting as diffuse osteomyelitis in the middle of the body.
  2. Metaphyseal Tuberculosis – Where disease arises near the epiphysis of the bone and therefore close to the intervertebral disc.
  3. Anterior or Periosteal Variety.
  4. Appendiceal Tuberculosis.

Clinical Features

  1. Constitutional Features – Like deterioration in general health, loss of weight, poor appetite, lassitude and evening rise of temperature.
  2. Pain – Initially, it is dull aching in nature while standing or jolting. Gradually, it becomes acute and stabbing in character, situated over the affected vertebrae.
  3. Stiffness – Patient’s spine becomes increasingly stiff as the disease progresses.
  4. Swelling – Reveals spinal carries.

Physical Signs
General Examination – May demonstrate other signs of tuberculous infection. The patient is malnourished.

  • Attitude and Gait
    • In upper cervical disease, head position is like that of torticollis, but face is not rotated.
    • In lower cervical disease, head moves backwards and to one side.
    • In upper thoracic disease, shoulders are raised and arms are drawn backwards.
    • In lower thoracic disease, thorax and head move backwards and the abdomen moves forward.
  • Spinal Deformities – Appear late in the disease:
    • Kyphosis.
    • Scoliosis.
    • Lordosis.
  • Rigidity of the Spine.
  • Examination for Cold Abscess.

X-ray ( AP and lateral view) of the spine.


  1. Appropriate symptomatic treatment.
  2. Surgery – If no sign of improvement is noticed after 6 to 8 weeks of the disease, spinal fusion operation is advised –
    1. Albee’s operation.
    1. Brittain’s operation.

Reference: A Handbook of Surgery by Dr Mansi Sharma

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