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Homoeopathic Treatment For Postpartum Depression: A Case Report

Postpartum psychosis has long-lasting consequences for mother and child. Besides depression, sleep and eating disturbances, exhaustion, social withdrawal, and anxiety, postpartum depression can also interfere with normal maternal-infant bonding and adversely affect child development. Recent reports show that most affected pregnant women are hesitant about taking antidepressant drugs, with a high percentage discontinuing their use. Some authors suggest that the reluctance of pregnant women to take antidepressant drugs should encourage clinicians to discuss with their patients the use of psychological interventions or alternative forms of treatment. In this article, a case of severe postpartum depression, treated successfully with homoeopathic therapy, is presented. Considering the high noncompliance of women suffering from postpartum depression with conventional antidepressant medication, research in safe complementary medical methods is justified. One of these methods should be homoeopathy. To read more, click here.

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Prof. George Vithoulkas