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The True Mother: Lac Humanum

The case in the article gives you a beautiful understanding of Lac humanum and sensation method. In addition to it, it also explains the human being and his dependency on others, for care and nourishment in her infantile life. Keywords:
Lac humanum, sensation method, true mother.
[D: = doctor, P: = patient, HG = Hand gesture, author’s comment is in (parentheses).]
In this article, we will discuss a case of Lac humanum. The case was taken and analyzed by Dr Rajan Sankaran’s sensation method.
[The article is edited by Carole Sander from the UK][Y2] 
First consultation on 17th December 2008 –
A housewife, in her mid-thirties, presented with the complaint of acute depression and gastric problems – this is her verbatim when she first started explaining about her ailments.

D: What’s the problem you have?

P: I have gastric problem, I get it when I eat potatoes, milk or non-vegetables. Sometimes, gas goes up to my brain. Whenever I had a gastric problem, I am unable to eat or drink anything. I think all things are because of our shifting of house.

D: What happen when you had a gastric problem?

P: Because of the problems, my belly gets heavy and I can’t take any food, so finally I get a weakness. At that time, I do not feel good and like to do nothing, so I lie down the whole day. Whenever I sit, I  think a lot and then I feel pain in my head, so I lie down the whole day. During the problem, I used to angry a lot and I had difficulty in seeing and hearing. Since my last pregnancy, this gas gives me terrible problems. (‘Gas gives me problem’ means she personified her complain is a soft hint for the animal kingdom)

During the problem, I never eat, I mean my mouth requires it but my belly takes support. During the problem, I always think about my house. (Mouth requires and belly takes support is animal style of language)

D: What you think about your house?

P: Sometimes, I go deep in it. We had no house so I think, what will happen? What will happen with my kids? The same thoughts come again and again the whole day, and finally, I go very deep into them.

D: How do you go deep into them?

P: Now, we stay in a rented house and the landlord charge a lot of rent, so I  think how can we live coolly[Y3]  and come here and trap in these all problems! [Y4] Finally, all these thoughts make me more depressed. I think what will happen to my small kids? My husband never cares about these things, so things are getting worse. (She cries) For the last three-four months, I suffer a lot and nobody hears me. The same thought comes repeatedly in my mind. (Pause) The last incident spoiled our lives.

D: Nowadays, what do you feel inside?

P: Continuously I used to burn inside. Constantly, I used to think about them. I had no interest left in anything, only live for my kids, or either I want to die.

D: Now, what do you experience?

P: I think why do all these things happen with me only? Still today I live in those shocks. Repeatedly, I am trapped in those thoughts only, why with me? Why do all happen without my fault?
To this stage, one thing is clear that one family incidence made her disappointed strongly, so I asked for the incidence now.

D: What happened to you?

P: His (Husband’s) mother threw us out of our house. (She pushed her legs outward and she cried loudly). Since that incident, I’m depressed and shocked. Because of that situation, I’m in this worse condition. Now, I’m totally in depression. Every moment I go through tension[Y5]  that why she behaved rude, because we didn’t do any mistake. Till today I am unable to accept this. Nothing wrong was there and suddenly one night, she told us now you find out your own house. That was terrible; the thing was so unexpected that till today I can’t realize. For some days, I lived in the shock but now I have tremendous anger on her. Now I have no single feeling for her, even after her severe illness, I didn’t go to her. I did all my duties but on the contrary, she threw us out. I performed all my duties as a daughter-in-law, but she forgot all of them and broke our trust. But now, I believe God will punish her. If we might forget what she did but God doesn’t forget. I’m sure God will punish her. It is ok that she did this with us but she didn’t think about our little kids!

So the thing is clear that she got disappointed strongly, but deeper to the disappointment is ‘she’s very dependent on the family and her worry for kids’ is clearly visible.

D: What happened when you threw away from your house?

P: Doctor that was our worst condition. The thoughts of those days quiver me till today. We fight every day, me and my husband and because of this stress,  my whole body became black.

D: What you feel because of your mother in law’s behavior?

P: She behaved very rudely with us. No parent will behave like this with their own child and I was shocked because instead of me doing all duties, she stabbed me in the back (HG stabbing). Now I have no single feeling for her. I pray every moment that God may punish such kinds of people.

The issue of ‘parent-child and my duties towards family’ may give good hints for mammals, but still not very clear, so see further. 

D: Which kind of people?

P: They are hard-hearted and I’m sure the mother’s heart is never stony. We worked day and night for her, but even though she didn’t think for our kids! And one night, she told us to go away! (Crying) They are dangerous people. You put trust in their sweet tongue but afterward they stab in back (HG stabbing). They are very selfish; they pamper (HG pampering) till they require you, then throw (HG throwing) you in the dustbin. She behaved very badly with us. (‘Mother’s heart and my kids’ are the word of mammals)

D: Badly means?

P: During our happy days also, she didn’t answer me properly. She makes a difference in her siblings[Y6]. As a human being, she behaved this way with her own blood? This was unbelievable! Basically she was very solitary and never mixed up with anybody in the society. In short, she was a  loner.

The expressions… ‘Makes a difference in sub-lings’, ‘Human being and own blood’, ‘Solitary and not mix up in the society’ make us clear for mammals.

D: What is loner?

P: Loner means they never think for others, they think for themselves only. If they are hungry, then they eat by any cost. But they never think for their hungry kids. Instead of her bad behavior, I loved her and stayed with her in all difficulties because I believed she take care of my kids, but she broke my trust. She behaved inhumanely, but don’t worry bible writes that “Anybody steals yours, I steal them”, so God makes justice. God reminds people “You’ve not any ointment that heal my punishment”. So, I’m 100% sure about God’s justice. (‘The human being’, ‘They behave inhumanly’ is specific for Lac humanum.)

D: Tell me more about ‘God’s justice’?

P: If you do anything wrong, then your bad happens by anyway, but I never did anything wrong, so there is no reason to worry. If anybody does wrong, God looks after them. Instead of my dedication to her, she made injustice with us. Till today, I don’t believe how one ‘mother’ can do this with her kids!

D: Tell about ‘mother’?

P: ‘Mother’ is a person who takes all sorrows and gives happiness to her kids. (Some kind of glow comes on her face) I think she never had the heart of a mother, she gave birth and threw him away(Her husband). She never performed her duty as a mother and one more thing I will tell you, doctor, she has never become a mother. Forget mother, she is not a ‘human being’.

D: What is a human being?

P: Everybody has human qualities but she doesn’t have. Everybody cares for others or even think about others, but she thinks for herself only. Everyone has feeling of mercy, pity, and love but she had no heart. In short, she is not rational.

D: What is rational?

P: You heard this quote… “Human is a rational animal”. But she is not rational, she is just animal. Everybody take care of others, give support to others or think for others and mostly all of us live for somebody, but in her case, nobody tells that she is mine. She is neither a true mother nor a wife.

Her expressions about human qualities make us clear for Lac humanum.

D: What’s ‘true mother’?

P: A mother worries constantly about her child.
– Mother thinks always good of her child.
– The child is everything of a mother. The child’s world is ‘mother’ and the mother’s world is ‘child’.
– Mother never takes support from child, she always remains with the child.
– Even the mother help her child by the cost of her life.

D: Let’s talk about something new; now tell about your dreams?

P: I’m sorry, I never had dreams.

D: Tell about your likes and dislikes in food?

P: I like tiny bengans[Y7]  and buttermilk.


In the case, we can easily perceive that her main issue is ‘my mother-in-law treats me badly’, so the issue is me v/s [Y8] other regarding the animal kingdom. On another hand, she expresses it as family issues and mother-child relationships, so the themes of mammals emerged automatically. She is so much dependent on her family-in-law and after separation, she desperately became helpless and that’s the reason for her inner turmoil. Her helplessness and dependency create strong disappointment and tremendous rage. All mammals are dependent for care and nourishment, but in the human being, the dependency is very prominent as we can see in human childhood, the baby is not able to walk till one year of his age, that is uncommon for the other mammals and mostly they learn walking within a week, so the human baby is most vulnerable and dependent on mother, the same kind of dependency is running throughout the case. The way she tells about her disappointment, she expresses the human qualities and that was the soft hint for me to think about Lac humanum and the following references support my selection:
References: (Important words written in bold.)
References from Synthesis Repertory [1]

  • Mind; ANSWER, snappishly (11) 1 lac-h
  • Mind; FORSAKEN feeling, isolation, sensation of (27) 1 lac-h
  • Mind; IRRITABILITY, family, to her (5) 1 lac-h
  • Mind; MALICIOUS, vindictive (106) 1 lac-h
  • Mind; RESPONSIBILITY, aversion to (5) 1 lac-h
  • Mind; UNFEELING, hard-hearted (22) 1 lac-h
  • Mind; UNSYMPATHETIC, unscrupulous (24) 1 lac-h

References from Synoptic materia medica [2]

  • Breast-feeding promotes the physical and emotional contact between mother and child. “Milk is food of early animal life and therefore corresponds to the beginning of our innermost nature.” [Kent]
  • Mind; Independence # dependence

Dependent state characterized by: Desire to have something in the mouth [e.g. thumb sucking]; periodical desire to clamber onto mother’s lap and to cuddle; regressive behavior
References from proving by Sankaran [3]

<Alone / Forsaken>

  • Quarreled with my mother, with the feeling of being left out, alone, as if there was no one with me, not even those whom I love very much (when her mother served her food in an odd plate). [A’2/f]
  • Isolated” feelings as if no one cares for me, or as if there is no one to look after me, I feel all are busy in their own lives. [A25/f]
  • Felt very angry at parents for doing something against my wish. Felt I had many times sacrificed my desires for them and had done things against my wishes for them. Wept a lot, feeling as if I was all alone in the world [A28/f]
  • Almost in tears with an intense forsaken feeling when my mother gave more food to my brother than to the rest of us. Scolded her saying that she cared for him and didn’t love me [A/35/f]


  • Irritable, rude and hurtful to family members, especially my mother, but would apologize immediately and think about how much my mother has done for me; wanted to spend as much time with my mother as was possible for me. [A 34/f]
  • Easily irritable, rebellious, rude in speech and behaviour, back answering and hurtful to those around [D13/f]


  • Delusion, friends, he had done a lot for his, and got nothing in return
  • Delusion, self-centered, all others were
  • Dreams, helpful, being, rather than think of himself which he later regretted
  • Dreams, reprimanded, mother, by, rude behavior, for
  • Irritability, mother, to her
  • Lamenting, futility of human relationships, about
  • Forsaken feeling, beloved by parents, wife, friends, feels, is not being

Plan: She had a strong feeling of disappointment, so 200C potency was indicated, but I had 30C only, so I prescribe Lac humanum 30C.
Follow up:
After one month –
She came to my clinic with a big smile. She believed her depressive state went away completely and now she had to worry about her husband and children only.
Plan: Now I had higher potencies available but she improved a lot by the previous one, so I didn’t repeat anything.
After six months, Conversations were as follows:

D: Now, how are you?

P: You might ask this question to my husband. (She looks at him and laughs loudly.) I tell you truth.I feel this is my rebirth. I can’t believe this is me! There are massive changes in me. Thank you very much doctor.  

D: What changes you had come across?

P: It’s very difficult to describe. (Pause)

The first thing is I get angry very little and mostly I feel happy throughout the whole day. Like previous days, now I don’t worry worthlessly and now I go outside and gossip and the most important thing is my children are now less beaten. (She laughs)  

D: What you dream now?

P: They are almost about my routine and nothing else. (She smiles.)

She stops treatment after eight months but I treat her whole family. so she is indirectly in touch with me, she is fine till today. Her last dose was 1mk[Y9]  on 2nd May 2009. [Totally, she required one dose of 30c and one dose of 1mk]


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About the author:
Dr Ghanshyam R. Kalathia, B.H.M.S.
Gayatri Clinic
Jashodanagar Chowkdi 380050
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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