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Role Of Homoeopathy In Case Of Arteriosclerosis

Day to day lifestyle disorders are prevailing more in number than common disorders. Here a small attempt is made to understand the role of Homoeopathic remedies in one of the disorders which are coming to our clinics. In this connection, I would like to explain it based on pathophysiology and effectiveness of indicated remedies with their specific action.
Arteriosclerosis is the thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity of the walls of arteries. This process gradually restricts the blood flow to one’s organs and tissues and can lead to severe health risks brought on by atherosclerosis, which is a specific form of arteriosclerosis caused by the buildup of fatty plaques, cholesterol, and some other substances in and on the artery walls.

Signs and symptoms
Among the signs/symptoms of arteriosclerosis are sudden weakness, facial or lower limbs numbness, confusion, difficulty understanding speech and problems in seeing.

The lesions of arteriosclerosis begin as the intima (innermost layer of the blood vessel wall) of the arterial wall start to fill up with the deposition of cellular wastes. As these start to mature, they can take different forms of arteriosclerosis. All are linked through common features such as the stiffening of arterial vessels, thickening of arterial walls and degenerative nature of the disease.
Arteriolosclerosis, unlike atherosclerosis, is sclerosis that only affects small arteries and arterioles, which carry important nutrients and blood to the cells.
Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of arteries from a buildup of plaque, usually made up of cholesterol, fatty substances, cellular waste products, calcium and fibrin, inside the arteries. This affects large and medium-sized arteries; however, its positioning varies from person to person.
Monckeberg’s arteriosclerosis or medial calcific sclerosis is seen mostly in the elderly, commonly in arteries of the extremities.
Hyperplastic: Hyperplastic arteriosclerosis refers to the type of arteriosclerosis that affects large and medium-sized arteries.
Hyaline type: Hyaline arteriosclerosis, also referred to as arterial hyalinosis and arteriolar hyalinosis, refers to lesions that are caused by the deposition of homogenous hyaline in the small arteries and arterioles.

Causes of Arteriosclerosis:
Healthy arteries are flexible as well as elastic. However, Can a Nicotine Patch help quit smoking? alcohol consumption and high-fat diet make them thick and stiff. The easy flow of blood gets restricted. It leads to Arteriosclerosis. Apart from the factors discussed above, there are other critical components contributing to the disease:
⦁ Family history of high cholesterol levels can cause the disease even in young age 
⦁ Age (40 Years & Beyond)
⦁ Lack of regular exercise regime
⦁ Stress or regular anxiety attacks
⦁ Obesity
⦁ Type 2 diabetes and hypertension
⦁ High triglyceride level
⦁ Industrial
⦁ Adoption of a diet rich in refined carbohydrates & dairy products
⦁ Addictions in carbonated or fizzy drinks
⦁ Lack of sunshine (vitamin D protects against arterial disease)
⦁ Regular intake of contraception pill
⦁ Hormone Replacement Hypothyroidism

Treatment is often in the form of preventative measures of prophylaxis. Drug therapy for underlying conditions, such as drugs for the treatment of high cholesterol, drugs to treat high blood pressure (ACE inhibitors). And anti-coagulant drugs, are often prescribed to help prevent arteriosclerosis.
Lifestyle changes such as increasing exercise, stopping smoking, and moderating alcohol intake are also advised. Experimental treatments include senolytic drugs, or drugs that selectively eliminate senescent cells, which enhance vascular reactivity and reduce vascular calcification in a mouse model of atherosclerosis, as well as improving cardiovascular function in old mice.

There are various types of surgery:
Angioplasty and stent placement: A catheter is first inserted into the blocked/narrowed part of your artery, followed by a second one with a deflated balloon which is passed through the catheter into the narrowed area. The balloon is then inflated, pushing the deposits back against the arterial walls, and then a mesh tube is usually left behind to prevent the artery from retightening.
Coronary artery bypass surgery: This surgery creates a new pathway for blood to flow to the heart. Taking a healthy piece of the vein, the surgeon attaches it to the coronary artery, just above and below the blockage to allow bypass.
Endarterectomy: This is the general procedure for the surgical removal of plaque from the artery that has become narrowed, or blocked.
Thrombolytic therapy: is a treatment used to break up masses of plaque inside the arteries.

Homoeopathic Treatment:
Aurum Metallicum:
Mode of Action: Acts on vascular system and on vasomotor system. There will be palpitation, fatigue in all extremities. Arterial erythrism, vasomotor disturbances as well as organic factors. Such as arterial hypertension, Sclerosis of coronary and cerebral vessels.
In the cerebral, aorta or cerebral vessel is of lutein origin. Alcohol or Nicotine is also important etiologic moments of aurum. Damage from nicotine in the cardiac manifestations causes vertigo, diplopia, and damage from alcohol in case of cirrhosis of the liver.
Aurum group will be helpful in case of pre-sclerotic changes, circulatory disturbances.

Baryta Carbonicum:
Mode of Action:
On Heart, Vascular System, moreover the Vessels of central nervous system. Causing Hypertension, Arteriosclerosis of the central nervous system, hence it is suitable for children because of its relationship to the lymphatic system belongs to the outstanding old age remedies.
Disturbed cerebral circulation, vertigo, anaemic headache, loss of memory, old age insomnia, aversion to friends, and loss of self-confidence indecision up to senile dementia with childish ways. Complete paresthesia causes circulatory disturbances, end result of cerebral sclerosis.
In case of Aneurysm of the cerebral arteries but also for an aortic aneurysm is due to Barium, Particularly the chloride-senile heart. Heart block with bradycardia can furnish valuable objective indication for barium properties.

Calcarea Flour:
Mode of Action: On connective tissue, hypertrophy stands in contrast to the loss of elasticity of it is indicated in series of old age diseases in which elastic fibres are replaced by connective tissue and infiltrates (calcium), for sclerotic processes, aneurysm.

Iodine therapy in case of arteriosclerosis, lutein vascular case of iodine thyrotoxicosis disturbances. The increased acceleration thereby cause vascular narrowing.usefull in the case of Mercury, Lead, Iodine poisoning

Plumbum met:
Cerebral vascular action is the injury of kidney by lead causing ischemia. There is chronic nephritis with degeneration of parenchyma or nephrosclerosis, endarteritis.
On blood vessels: causes Aangiospasm, Endarteritis, up to sclerosis. Chronic nephritis, nephrosclerosis, cerebral sclerosis and hemiplegia.

In the case of Arteriosclerosis, we try to treat as preventive as well as curative. If the patient is already suffering from Arteriosclerosis along with Allopathic mode of treatment, in those case also Homoeopathic medicine can be administered as preventive. Homoeopathic medicines work very well in case of recurrence. Hence Homoeopathic Medicine can be used as preventive, curative as well as some case palliative.

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