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Case Study On Gastrointestinal Tract

Personal data of the patient:
Name of patient: xyz
Age: 28 years
Sex: Female
Religion: Hindu
Nationality: Indian
Marital status: single
Occupation: Job
Family size: 5 member
Diet: vegetarian
Presenting complaints

Complaint with duration Location and extension Sensation, character and pathology Modalities Ailments from Concomitant, associated symptoms with duration
Weakness, Nausea, Anorexia Last 7 – 8 days GIT, Right hypochondrium Oesophagus Skin Lower abdomen Heaviness Pain in the abdomen Itching Nausea Constipation < after eating > by open-air, at night, cold application Fever Headache Bodyache

History of Presenting complaints: Before 7 – 8 days patient have complained of mild abdomen discomfort with abdominal pain, then gradually realized like nausea, vomiting, icterus, fever.
Personal History: No abnormality detected.
Family History:

  • Father: Hypertension
  • Mother: Diabetes
    Physical Generals:
Appetite Decreased
Thrist Increased (3-4 lit/day)
Desire Cold Drinks
Aversion Fatty foods
Bowel Constipation on an alternate day
Urination 5 – 6 times/day
Perspiration Normal
Sleep Disturbed due to itching
Habits / Addiction Not specific
Others Not specific

Duration: 30 days

Quantity: profuse

Consistency: partly fluid & clotted

Colour: Dark red

Mental Generals: Fear of death
General Examination:

  • Conscious/ unconscious        : conscious
  • General appearance : fair
  • General built & nutrition       : Intellectual B.Com
  • Height                                      : 160 cm
  • Weight                                     : 68 kg
  • Skin ( pigmentation, hair, warts, etc.): Itching & pale
  • Nails                                        : Yellow
  • Gait                                         : Normal
  • Blood pressure                        : 130/90 mm of hg
  • Pulse                                       : 86/ min
  • Temperature                           : 99.2° F
  • Respiratory rate                      : 18/ min
  • Others                                     :- Normal
    Systemic Examination:
Respiratory system B/L A/E present
Cardiovascular system S1 S2 heard
Nervous system No abnormalities seen
Gastro intestinal system P/A Right hypochondrium tenderness present
Genito urinary system Urine yellow
Lokomotar system No abnormalities seen
Others No abnormalities seen

Analysis and Evaluation of Case:
(A)  Classification of symptoms :

  1. Fear of death (UMS)
  2. Appetite decreased (UPGS)
  3. Stool constipated every alternate day (CPGS)
  4. Sleep Disturbed due to itching (CPGS)
  5. Weakness (CPGS)
  6. Pain & heaviness in the abdomen (CPPS)
  7. < after eating (UPGS)
  8. > by rest, cold application & open-air (UPGS)
  1. Mental symptoms: Fear of death
  2. Physical general symptoms :
    Appetite decreased
    • Stool constipated every alternate day
      • Weakness
      • Sleep disturb due to itching
      • < after eating
      • > by rest, cold application & open air
  3. Physical particular symptoms: Pain & heaviness in the abdomen
    Totality of Symptoms
  • Fear of death
  • Appetite decreased
  • Stool constipated every alternate day
  • Sleep disturb due to itching
  • Weakness
  • Pain & heaviness in abdomen
  • < after eating
  • > by rest, cold application & open air

Potency selection: Here, in acute condition susceptibility is high. So, potency also high & due to acute condition repetition is frequently.
Prescription: CHELIDONIUM 200 – 4-4 pills BD for 3 days SL × BD – 4-4 pills BD for 5 days.

  • Take lots of liquid
  • Advice for an only semi-solid or liquid diet
  • Rest for 4-5 days
  • Avoid spicy and fried food
DATE CHANGE IN SYMPTOMATOLOGY FURTHER ADVICE (regarding prescription including justification, general management, investigation etc.)
16/09/2019 Sleep is good Rx. SL × BD – 4-4 pills for 3
  Itching is relieved days
  Stool is normal  
  Mild weakness  
  Mild pain is present  
21/09/2019 All Complaints are relieved Cured

Guided by Dr Ratna Bhatt MD (Hom.) (practising for 10 years) Lecturer at Ahmedabad Homeopathic medical college
Case study by Shweta G. Patel 4th year BHMS at AHMC

About the author

Dr. Ratna Bhatt

I am MD Homoeopath practicing for 10 yrs and lecturer of Homoeopathic Materia Medica Department since 5 yrs at Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College