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Repertory To Beat The Heat (Summer Illnesses)

Change in weather also brings changes in the health, environment and dietary habits. Change in the weather to summer brings some health issues. Many illnesses like indigestion, weakness, cholera, headache, rashes, sunburn, sunstroke, ringworm etc. maybe a direct effect of summer or food items like ice-cream, cold drinks or water-melon etc. To combat the bad effect of summer, we have to take care of our health through our lifestyle, dietary modification and medicines.
Homoeopathic medicines have a beneficial role in handling various illness of summer related to skin, stomach, nervous system etc.
In Homoeopathic Repertories, there is a list of many medicines which are useful in various health-related illness caused by summer which can be used to beat the heat. Here is a repertory, which is useful in summer complains.

Ailments since summer :- podo. Sin-n.
Aggravation – Sun – Ant-c. Bell. bry. cact. fago. Gels. Glon. lach. lyss. Nat-c. nat-m. puls. sel.
Aggravation – Weather – hot – Acon. aeth. aloe Ant-c. Bell. borx. Bry. croc. crot-h. crot-t. Gels. Glon. kali-bi. lach. Nat-c. Nat-m. nit-ac. phos. pic-ac. Podo. puls. sabin. sel. syph.
Cold drink, cold water – agg. – ice water – Acon. ARS. carb-v. dig. elaps ip. kali-c. kali-i. meph. merc. nat-c. puls. rhus-t. Verat-v.
Melons – agg. – ars. bry. fl-ac. petr. petr-ra. puls. zing.
Heated by fire, sun, becoming heated – agg – Acon. Ant-c. BELL. borx. Bry. carb-v. Gels. GLON. iod. ip. kali-c. kali-s. lach. lyss. merc. Nat-c. nat-m. op. puls. samb. sel. sil. ther. verat-v. zinc.
Summer – agg – aeth. ant-c. bell. bry. carb-v. cupr. dulc. Fl-ac. gels. Glon. grat. iris Kali-bi. lach. nat-c. nat-m. PODO. rheum sel. verat.
Sun exposure, ill effects, sunstroke – acon. Ant-c. Bell. bry. cact. camph. Gels. Glon. hydr-ac. lach. Nat-c. op. stram. usn. Verat-v.
Sun heat, exposure to – agg – cact. cadm-s. cob. cocc. murx.

Particular :-
Abdomen – gastrointestinal complaints – weather agg.; warm:- acon.
Abdomen – inflammation – colon – summer agg. :- ip. Kali-bi. Puls. Vac.
Abdomen – inflammation – enterocolitis – summer :- vac.
Abdomen – inflammation – gastroenteritis – summer :- parat-b. Yers.
ABDOMEN – PAIN – ice cream – after – ARS. bell-p. calc-p. Puls. ruta sep.
Abdomen – seasons – summer agg. :- guaj.
Acne – tendency to summer agg – bov.
Asthma – Aggravation – In summer – syph.
Asthma; bronchial – coryza – after – summer, in – ars.
Asthmatic – respiration cold; after taking a – summer agg. :- arg-n. Ars.
Asthmatic – respiration summer; in:- arg-n. Syph.
Asthmatic respiration – weather – warm – agg. :- nat-s. Syph.
Bathing – rivers, summer, in agg – caust.
Burns and scalds – sun – bov. camph. canth. kali-c. verat.
Chloasma – sun, exposure, from – cadm-s.
Cholera – infantum – summer complaint – Acon. Aeth. ant-t. Apis arg-n. Ars. bell. Bism. bry. cadm-s. Calc. calc-act. Calc-p. camph. camph-br. canth. cham. chin. coloc. crot-t. Cuph. cupr. cupr-act. Cupr-ar. elat. Euph-c. ferr-p. graph. hydr-ac. indol. Iodof. Ip. iris Kali-br. Kreos. Laur. merc. nat-m. ox-ac. passi. phos. phyt. Podo. psor. res. sec. sep. Sil. sulph. tab. Verat. Zinc.
Circulation; complaints of the blood – weather – warm weather – agg. :- ant-c. Asar. Bry. Carb-v. Cocc. Colch. Graph. Iod. Lach. Lyc. Nit-ac. Op. Ph-ac. Phos. Puls. Sec. Sel. Sep. Sulph.
Constipation – seasons – summer; in :- bry.
Convalescence; ailments during – sunstroke; after:- glon. Meli. Sang.
Coryza – seasons – summer; in :- brom. Dulc. Gels. Sang.
Coryza – weather – warm – agg. :- brom.
Coryza, acute catarrhal – from pollen irritation, hay fever, rose cold, summer catarrh – all-c. Ambro. Aral. Ars. Ars-i. arum-t. arund. benz-ac. chinin-ar. cocain. cupr-act. dulc. euph-pi. Euphr. gels. hep. ip. kali-i. kali-s. kali-s-chr. Lach. linu-u. merc-i-f. Naphtin. nat-i. nat-m. nux-v. poll. Psor. Ran-b. ros-d. Sabad. sang. Sangin-n. sil. Sin-n. skook. solid. Stict. suprar. trif-p. tub.
Cough – sciatica, alternating with, in summer – staph.
Cough – seasons – summer agg.:- sang.
Cough – sun, in – ant-t.
Cough – weather – warm – agg. :- caps. Kali-bi.
Cracks – summer agg.:- coc-c.
Diarrhea – cold – drinks – agg. – summer agg. :- bry. Carb-v. Nat-s. Nux-m. Verat.
Diarrhea – cold; after taking a – summer agg. :- aloe ant-t. Bry. Dulc. Ph-ac.
DIARRHEA – ice cream – after – arg-n. ARS. bry. calc-p. Carb-v. dulc. nat-s. Puls.
DIARRHEA – melons agg. :- Ars. Bry. petr. Zing.
Diarrhea – summer :- acon. Ambro. Bry. Camph. Castm. Chin. Crot-t. Cyn-d. Ferr. Ferr-p. Gamb. Gnaph. Grat. Iris kali-bi. Kreos. Nux-m. Olnd. Podo. Psor. Sil. Sul-ac.
Diarrhea – weather – warm – agg. :- acon. Aeth. Aloe ambro. Ant-c. Ars. Bapt. Bell. Benz-ac. Bism. Borx. Bry. Calc. Camph. Caps. Carb-v. Castm. Cham. Chin. Chinin-ar. Cina coff. Colch. Crot-h. Crot-t. Cuph. Cupr. Cupr-ar. Ferr. Ferr-p. Gamb. Guar. Hyper. Iod. Ip. Iris jatr-c. Kali-bi. Kreos. Lach. Mag-c. Mag-s. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Nat-m. Nat-p. Nux-m. Olnd. Ph-ac. Phos. Podo. Psor. Rheum sec. Sil. Sul-ac. Verat. Verb.
Diarrhoea – children – summer, in – cupr.
Diarrhoea – periodical – summer – kali-bi.
Diarrhoea – weather – hot – agg – Bry. camph. castm. chin. crot-t. ferr. ferr-p. gamb. kreos. nux-m. olnd. Podo.
Diarrhoea, enteritis – Cause, occurrence – from – hot weather – acon. aloe ambro. Ant-c. ars. Bry. camph. caps. Cham. Chin. crot-t. Cuph. ferr-p. gamb. Ip. iris merc. nux-m. Podo. sil. verat.
Dysentery – seasons – summer; in :- arn. Kali-bi.
Dysentery – with – periodical recurrence in spring or early summer – kali-bi.
Eczema – sun, exposure, from – mur-ac.
Eruptions – crusty – weather; warm :- bov.
Eruptions – rash – sunlight agg.; from:- camph.
Eruptions – summer:- calc. Kali-bi. Led. Mur-ac. Sars.
Eruptions; tendency to – summer agg – kali-bi.
Extremities – weakness – sunstroke; from:- phos.
Eyes – looking – sun, at or anything white or red agg – Apis Lyc.
Face – eruptions – pimples – itching – summer :- mur-ac.
Face – eruptions – rough – summer :- kalm.
Faint, fainting – summer – ip.
Faintness – summer heat, from:- ant-c. Ip.
Faintness – sunstroke; from :- carb-v.
FEVER – ICE-WATER; after abuse of – carb-v.
Fever – intermittent – weather agg.; warm:- canch.
Fever – summer, hot season:- ant-c. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. Calc. Caps. Carb-v. Cedr. Chin. Cina dulc. Eup-per. Gels. Ip. Lach. Nat-m. Puls. Sulph. Thuj. Verat.
Food and drinks – drinks – aversion – weather – warm :- ix.
Freckles – summer agg. :- lyc. Phos. Sulph.
Freckles – tendency to sun, from – mur-ac.
Head – pain – summer :- aloe ant-c. Bar-c. Bar-s. Bell. Bry. Carb-v. Glon. Graph. Lyc. Meli. Nat-c. Nat-m. Nat-s. Puls. Sulph. Thuj.
Head – pain – weather – warm – begins with the warm weather :- dream-p. Dulc. Glon. Nat-c. Nat-s.
Head – sunstroke – prophylactic:- mate
Heart – weak – entering cool room from a walk in hot sun – Rhus-t.
Hemorrhoids – weather – warm – agg. :- nit-ac.
INDIGESTION – melons; after :- ars. zing.
INDIGESTION – cold – drinks – after – agg. – ice water – Ars. carb-v. elaps ip. kali-c. nat-c. Puls.
Indigestion – weather – warm – agg. :- ant-c. Bry.
Indigestion dyspepsia – Cause – Hot weather – ant-c. Bry.
Indigestion dyspepsia – cause – ice water, ices – ars. Carb-v. Elaps ip. Kali-c. Nat-c. Puls.
Jaundice – summer, every – chion.
Jaws – locked, clenched – sunstroke, from –glon.
Lachrymation – sun – in, agg – bry.
Lachrymation – sun – looking, at – staph.
Lassitude – weather – warm – agg.:- dulc. Nat-p. Tritic-vg.
Nausea – sun, heat of, agg – carb-v.
Palpitation – sun heat agg – coff.
Prickly heat, miliaria:- acon. Am-m. Ars. Bry. Cact. Cent. Hura jab. Led. Raph. Syzyg. Urt-u.
Prickly heat, ( back – eruptions – miliaria rubra) – apis
Prickly heat, back – eruptions – miliaria rubra – cervical region – sulph.
Respiration – summer agg – arg-n. Syph.
Sciatica – summer – agg – xan.
Sleep – restless – summer complaints, in:- ferr-p.
Sleep – sleepiness – summer colds, in:- gels.
Sleep – sleepiness – summer heat with general debility, in:- corn.
Sleep – yawning – summer complaints, in:- ars.
Indigestion, STOMACH – DISORDERED – ice cream – ARS. Calc-p. Carb-v. PULS.
Stomach – pain – weather – warm – agg.:- acon.
Stomach – summer :- guaj.
Stool – seasons – summer agg. :- acon. Ant-c. Ars. Bell. Bry. Carb-v. Colch. Dulc. Ferr-p. Gels. Ip. Iris kali-br. Merc. Nux-m. Podo. Puls. Rheum rhus-t.
Stool – weather – warm – agg. :- lach. Podo.
Sunstroke – acon. ant-c. arg-met. Bell. cact. camph. Gels. Glon. hyos. lach. nat-c. nux-v. op. stram. ther. verat-v.
Sunstroke – effects, chronic – nat-c.
Teeth – pain – summer agg. :- ant-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-v. Cham. Lach. Lyc. Nat-c. Nat-m. Nux-v. Puls. Sel.
Unconsciousness – sunstroke, in:- bell. Cact. Camph. Glon. Lach. Nat-c. Op.
Vertigo – summer; spells of vertigo in :- phos. Psor.
Vertigo – sun facing agg – agar. glon. kali-p. nat-c.
Vertigo – weather – warm – agg. :- glon. Nat-c.
Vision – blindness, loss of vision, affections of – sun, lying in, from – con.
VOMITING – ice cream agg. – ARS. Calc-p. Ip. Puls.
Weakness – heat – summer, of :- alum. Ant-t. Ars. Carbn-s. Corn. Gels. Iod. Lach. Nat-c. Nat-m. Sel.
Weakness – heat – sun; of the – agg. :- ars. Gels. Lac-del. Nat-c. Petr-ra. Sel. Tritic-vg.
Weakness – sun agg.; walking in the :- dulc. Lach. Nat-c.
Weakness – sunstroke, from :- bell. Carb-v. Glon. Verat-v.
Weakness – weather – warm – agg. :- aesc. Ant-c. Camph. Iod. Lac-e. Lach. Nat-ar. Nat-c. Nat-m. Nat-p. Podo. Sel. Sulph. Vip.
Weakness, Adynamia – From – heat of summer – Ant-t. Gels. lach. Nat-c. sel.

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