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KARDI Wellness Retreat At Lonavala & Nainital By Healing Harmony

No matter what your destination, just make sure that every journey is a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll travel the whole wide world and beyond!
“Karvaan” is this journey of self-discovery. It aims to fill you up with Abundance, Love, Inspiration, Vibrance and potential to Enjoy all that life has to offer. With these 5 elements, you are not just living but truly ALIVE.
Before you read more about what this wellness retreat is all about, simply stop, and take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself, “how are you feeling right now?” Just sit with the response for a few moments… 
Doesn’t it feel wonderful to take pause from the rat race! So really, how are you? If the answer is “not as good as I can be”, whether it is on a spiritual, physical, or emotional level, then let yourself discover techniques to help change how you feel.
On the other hand, if you feel “I’m on top of the world, the best I’ve ever been”.
Great! We invite you to recharge your batteries and practice how to retain those happy vibes!
Activities during the retreat: Yoga – Meditation – Dance movement – Music therapy – Art therapy – Power of 5 elements – Detox Healthy food – Nature Walks – One-one session with health coach – Emotional detox & much more.
Upcoming Retreats:
3 days: 6 to 8th March, Apati, Lonavala 
5 days: 23- 27th March, Nainital, Himalayas
5 days: 18- 22nd March, Nainital, Himalayas
Call on 7304041836 to know more.
For more details, visit http://www.healingharmony.in/karvaan
To watch video, click here
You all are welcome. No previous experience in yoga or meditation is required.

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