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Online Course On “Homoeopathic Facial Analysis” By Louise Bentley At ‘The Homeopathic Academy’

Course Title: Practical Application of Facial Analysis (HFA) For Miasmatic Diagnosis

About the Speaker:
Louise Bentley, a Homeopath & a Naturopath, from Melbourne, Australia, has been working as a homeopathic practitioner since 1996. Louise has always focused herself towards the development and research of Homoeopathic Facial Analysis and its application as well as trained numerous Homeopaths worldwide.

About the Course:
HFA has been devised and developed by the Australian couple, Louise Bentley and Grant Bentley, who are both qualified homeopaths, close to thirty years into medical practice. HFA is the method of integrating the Hahnemannian concept of miasms with Facial features of the patient in a systematic, linear and stepwise manner in order to reach the most similar homeopathic medicine in the easiest yet most reliable way. Homoeopathic Facial Analysis also helps find deep acting remedies quickly making clinical practice of homeopathy, a process that’s easy to follow.
The course explains the Methodology and Steps to take when analyzing a patient’s face – how to allocate, measure and incorporate this analysis of facial features with the totality of symptoms presented by the patient. The amalgam of the presenting complaints, the facial features and the miasm of the patient brings out the most similar homeopathic remedy in the quickest and easiest possible manner, plus the results are accurate. Homoeopathic Facial Analysis simplifies the cumbersome process of repertorization by reducing the apparently similar medicines to a handy few.
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