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Leucorrhoea And Homoeopathy

Leucorrhoea is strictly excessive normal vaginal discharge. The excess secretion is evident from persistent vulval moistness or staining of cloths need to wear a vulvar pad. It is non-purulent , non-offensive, non-irritant and never causes pruritus. The hormonal changes in the reproductive system, affect the well being of women. This article emphasis on incidence, clinical features and management of leucorrhoea with discussion on homoeopathic medicines indicated in this clinical conditions and taking rubric related to it from various repertories.
Keywords: Leucorrhoea, Homoeopathy, Repertorisation, Therapeutic.
Leucorrhoea means a running of white substance and term should be restricted to mean an excessive amount of the normal vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea consists mainly of the cervical components. It is characteristics of the normal discharge that although white or cream when fresh, It leaves a brownish yellow stain on clothing.(1)
The excessive secretion is due to:
Physiologic excess – The normal secretion is expected to increase in conditions when the estrogen levels become high. such conditions are-
During puberty – Increased levels of endogenous estrogen lead to marked over growth of the endocervical epithelium which may encroach onto the ectocervix producting congenital ectopy (erosion) – increased secretion.
Around ovulation – Peak rise of estrogen – increase in secretory activity of the cervical glands.
Premenstrual – Pelvic congestion & increased mucus secretion from the hypertrophied endometrial glands.
Pregnancy – There is hyperestrinism with increased vascularity. This leads to increased vaginal transudate & cervical gland secretion.
During sexual excitement – When is abundant secretion from the bartholin’s glands.
endometrial glands.
Cervical cause – Noninfective cervical lesion may produce excessive secretion , which pours out at the vulva. Such lesions include cervical ectopy, chronic crevicitis, mucous polyp & ectropion.
Vaginal cause – Increased vaginal transudation occurs in conditions associated with increased pelvic congestion. The condition are uterine prolapse, acquired retroverted uterus. chronic pelvic inflammation, pill use & vaginal adenosis. ill health is one of the important causes of excessive discharge. It produces excess exfolition of the superficial cells. (2)
The rubrics regarding leucorrhoea from different repertories are as follows:
Boericke Repertory agn, alum, am-m, ambr, ars ,aur-m-n,borx, bov, calc, canth, caul, chin, cocc, con, cop, dict, eucal, frax, graph, helon, hydr, kali-bi, kali-c, kali-s, kreos, lil-t, lyc, mag-m, merc, nat-m, nat-s, nit-ac, ovi-p, psor, puls, sabin, sec, stann, thuj, xan(3)
BBCR Repertory- aco, ag-c, ALU, am-c, amb, anac, ars, bor, bov, CALC-C, canth, carb-an, carb-v, caust, cham, chin, COCL, CON, dros, ferr, graph, hep, iod, kali-c, KRE, lach, lyc, mag-m, MERC, mez, nat-c, nat-m, nit-ac, nux-v, petr, ph-ac, phos, PULS, rut, sabin, sec, SEP, sil, stann, sul-ac, sulph, zinc (4)
Clarke Repertory- calc, cina, hydr, kreos, mag-m, nat-m, puls, sabin, sep, sulph (5)
Kent Repertory – aesc, alet, , am-c, am-m, apis, arg-n, ARS, ARS-I, ,aur-m, bar-c, bar-m, bor,bov, CALC, calc-p, CALC-S, CARB-AN, CARB-S, carb-v, CAUST, chin, cimic, cinnb, cocc, eupi, ferr, gels, GRAPH, hep, hydr, IOD, KALI-AR, kali-bi, KALI-C, kali- chl, kali–i , kali-p, kali-p, kali-s, KREOS, lac-c, lach, lyc, lyss, mag-m, mag-s, MED, MERC, merc-c, MUR-AC, nat-a, nat-c, NAT-M, nat-p, NIT AC, – nux-m, op, orig, pall, petr, ph-ac, phos, phys, phyt, PLAT, podo psor, PULS, sabin, sarc, SEP, SIL, STANN, SULPH, sul-ac, tarent, thuj, zinc (6)
Phatak Repertory- alum, ars, calc-s, carb-an, cust, graph, hydr, iod, kali-c, kreos, med, MERC, nat-m, nit-ac, plat, puls, SEP, sil, stann, sulph (7)
Synthesis Repertory- acal, aesc, alet, ALUM, AM-C, am-m, am-m, ant-t, arg-met, arg-n, arist-cl, ARS, ARS-I, ars-s-f, asar, asper, aur-m, bar-c, bar-m, bar-s, borx, bov, brom, bufo, calad, CALC, calc-f, calc-p, CALC-S, calc-sil, calen, carb-ac, CARB-AN, carb-v, CARBN-S, castm, CAUST, CHIN, chlor, cimic, cina, cinnb, clem, cocc, coll, coloc, CON, cop, corn, dict, ery-a, eucal, euph, eupi, ferr, ferr-I, ferr-s, frax, GELS, GRAPH, guare, hell, hep, hydr, IOD, ip, KALI-AR, kalibi, kali-br, KALI-C, kali-chl, kali-I, kali-p, kali-s, KREOS, lac-ac, lac-c, lach, lam, lap-a, led, LOB, lyc, lyss, mag-m, MED, meli-xyz, MERC, merc-c, mucor, MUR-AC, nat-ar, nat-c, NAT-M, nat-p, NIT-AC, nux-m, oci-sa, ol-j, ol-sant, onos, op, orig, pall, petr, ph-ac, phos, phys, phyt, PLAT, podo ,polyg-h, psor, PULS, pyrog, sabin, sarc, SEP, SIL, STANN, staph, still, sul-ac, SUL-I, SULPH, sumb, tarent, ter, thuj, thymol , tong, tub, vinc, zinc, zinc-p (8)
There are a number of homoeopathic medicines which can be helpful in case of Leucorrhoea. Some medicines are:
1- Alumina – Leucorrhoea acrid, profuse transparent, ropy, with burning; worse during daytime, and after menses. Relieved by washing with cold water.(3)
leucorrhoea with burning runs to feet.
2- Arsenicum album – Leucorrhoea , acrid, burning, offensive, thin. (3) profuse acrid, yellowish, thick leucorrhoea worse standing, passing flatus. (9)
3- Borax veneta – Leucorrhoea like white of eggs, with sensation as if warm water was flowing. (3)
Leucorrhoea corrosive and thick, like starch. – Sterility – acrid leucorrhoea, Appearing for two weeks between the catamenia. (5)
4- Graphites – Leucorrhoea pale, thin, profuse, white, excoriating in gushes with weakness in back. (3) leucorrhoea worse before & after menses. Leucorrhoea, white and liquid, like water, with tension of the abdomen. Leucorrhoeic discharge occurs in gushes day or night.(5)
5- Ignatia amara – Violent labor like pains followed by purulent acrid leucorrhoea. Bearing down pains with leucorrhoea. Corrosive & purulent , preceded by contractive pressure in the uterus. Pruritus of young girls with leucorrhoea & ascarides. Chronic leucorrhoea with sexual desire. (9)
6- Kali carbonicum – Leucorrhoea with labor like pain causing itching & burning better washing. (9)
7- Kreosotum – Leucorrhoea yellow, acrid leucorrhoea , smells like green corn worse between periods.(3) Offensive, corrosive leucorrhoea, gushing like bloody water, staining the linen yellow. Milky leucorrhoea following pain in coccyx. leucorrhoea during pregnancy. Leucorrhoea, corrosive or mild, and sometimes followed by exhaustion and fatigue, esp. in legs.(9)
8- Lachesis mutus – Leucorrhoea copious, smarting, staining & stiffening the linen greenish. Leucorrhoea thick, milky. Leucorrhoea before menses.(9)
9- Lycopodium clavatum – Leucorrhoea acrid with burning in vagina. leucorrhoea periodical, milky worse before full moon. (9)
10- Natrum muriaticum – Leucorrhoea acrid, watery, debilitating, white, thick leucorrhoea, instead of menses. (9)
11- Nitric acid – Leucorrhoea brown, flesh, colored, watery or stringy; stains yellow or leaves spots with black border. (9)
12- Pulsatilla nigricans – Leucorrhoea with pain in the back and exhaustion. Acrid, milky leucorrhoea, thick like cream, with swollen vulva. Leucorrhoea after masturbation.(9)
13- Sepia officinalis – Leucorrhoea yellow, greenish, milky in large lumps, with much itching, instead of menses, leucorrhoea, foul, gonorrhoeal with stitches up in vagina from uterus to navel. leucorrhoea in little girls.(9)
The above therapeutics medicines are used frequently in leucorrhoea with good results. Other individualised homoeopathic medicines can also be offer significant relief to the patients of leucorrhoea. Homoeopathic medicines when prescribed on the principle of similarity and individualisation can prove to be effective in relieving the symptoms and reaching at the cure. Repertory is a tool, using repertory one can easily get a near range of similar medicine and similimum can be prescribed with help of materia medica.
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Dr.Sonal Sinha
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