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“Free Online Test Series” For AIAPGET Entrance Examination

Oriental Classes is going to start “Free Online Test Series” for AIAPGET Entrance Examination.
Register yourself to get prepared for upcoming MD Homoeopathy Entrance Examination-2020.
For registration, Click Here: www.orientalcrackmd.com
Syllabus for Free Online Test series- 29th January 2020 (Thursday):
1. Community Medicine- Environmental Science, International Organization, Biomedical Waste, Occupational Health. (15)
2. Practice of Medicine- Haematology and Cardiology. (10)
3. Materia Medica- A to H Group Medicine (20)
4. Gynaecology/Obstetrics- Antepartum and Postpartum Haemorrhage, Multiple Pregnancy and Breach presentation. (10)
5. Organon- Aph. 1-204. (15)
6. Homoeopathic Pharmacy- Potentization. (10)
7. Repertory- Publishing year and rubrics of BBCR & Kent’s Repertory. (10)
8. Surgery- Piles, Anal fissure and fistula. (10)

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