HHF To Organize Advanced Homoeopathic Seminar At Miraj, Maharashtra

A complete package for all Homoeopaths who want to learn the technique of handling Infertility and Paediatric cases.
Discussion on the Infertility cases with their management and remedies in detail along with those children cases, their management and remedies.
1) Dr Amol Rane (A senior HHFian and Core committee member and treasurer of HHF.  National speaker, who has a wide experienced in infertility cases)
2) Dr Kamlesh Suryawanshi (A senior HHFian, Core committee member, National speaker, Miraj coordinator. Wide experienced in Infertility and children cases and will take a children remedies in detail)
Date: 11th &12th January 2020
Address: Mirchi food mall, near Mission Hospital junction, Miraj, Maharashtra.
Fees: ₹ 1400 (Practitioner); ₹ 1000 (Students, Identity card compulsory)
(Includes Morning breakfast and tea, coffee, lunch and high tea, biscuits)
For more details, Contact:
1)Dr Nilesh Sanmukh: 9503046690
2)Dr Manisha Todkar: 9422382566
3)Dr Jyoti Pardeshi: 8149736046
4)Dr Abhijeet Gaddiwadd: 9766231807

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