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MD Homeopathy 2019 Counselling For Leftover Seats

Through a recent notice, the Directorate of Medical Education and the Selection Committee (TN Health Tamil Nadu) has reported on the extension of the last date for PG AYUSH admissions to the remaining quotas of government and administration fees for MD Homeopathy 2019.

The last date has been extended until November 30, 2019, by the Ministry of AYUSH. Counselling without an appointment will take place on 27.11.2019

TN Health in its notification has clearly stated that to be eligible for admission, according to the new guidelines of the Ministry of AYUSH, it will be necessary for a candidate to obtain minimum qualifications in the 40th percentile at AIAPGET-2019. However, with respect to candidates who belong to ST / SCA / SC / MBC / DC / BCM / BC, the minimum qualifications will be of the 30th percentile. With respect to candidates with reference disabilities specified in the Rights of Rights Act, People with Disabilities, 2016, the minimum grades will be of the 35th percentile for the General Category and the 30th percentile for ST / SCA / SC / MBC / DC / BCM / BC.

As a sequence, counselling will be held without an appointment on 27.11.2019 based on the new eligibility criteria mentioned above for the remaining vacancies mentioned below for the Government. Quota seats and Management fee seats separately and successively / in sequence.

The new application forms will be issued for both categories of seats on the day of the Counseling, that is, on 27.11.2019 (strictly between 8.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon only) at the Selection Committee office. The application cost for the government. The quotas are Rs.3000 / – and the cost of the request for Management quotas is Rs.5000 / -. A separate list of general merits for the government. The quota seats and the management quota seats will be reached after scrutiny and will be declared at 2.00 p.m. in the office of the Selection Committee, headquarters of the Ministry without prior appointment.

All relevant clauses/rules and regulations that appear in the session of the Prospects for MD (Homeopathy) 2019-20 course (both government fee positions and management fee seats separately) will be applicable to all candidates participating in this Advice without an appointment. In addition, those candidates who submitted an application before and were declared INELIGIBLE due to the minimum eligibility marks can also request this advice again without prior appointment. A processing fee of Rs.1000 / – will be charged to candidates participating in this Department without prior appointment.

Other candidates are assigned to the government. quotas will have to remit a partial registration fee of Rs.10,000 / – and candidates who obtain an assignment for management quotas will have to submit a partial registration fee of Rs.25,000 / -. All payments for the cost of the application, the processing fee, the partial tuition fee, etc., must be made in a draft of the Demand drawn up as of 11.25.2019 in favour of the “Director of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy, Chennai-106 “payable in Chennai.

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