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International AYUSH Summit Pondicherry 2020

Presence of various categories of diseases like lifestyle-based diseases, Metabolic disorders, deficiency diseases, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, Psychosomatic diseases, Genetic disorders and even drug-induced diseases in the society and appearance of new diseases and categories day by day leading to the understanding of significance, harmonization and logical integration of various medical systems for the benefit of humankind. India – the country which is the mother of well known indigenous medical systems such as Ayurveda, Sidha and Yoga, and cradle of other alternative medical systems like Homeopathy and Unani for generations – has a pivotal role and huge potential in international healthcare sector in the future, especially since India had brought all these medical systems in the mainstream of health care under the Umbrella of Ministry of AYUSH.

To improve the potential of AYUSH systems and to explore their capabilities to the world,- redefining their status, roles and responsibilities as per the demands of this new era are essential. Hence, proper utilization of Technological innovations in AYUSH sector, necessary interdisciplinary interactions within AYUSH Systems as well as with other contemporary sciences and logical integrations of AYUSH systems in treatments are the need of the hour. Apart from that, ensuring and equipping the resources and active involvement of regulatory bodies are also indispensable for this purpose. This process requires a multidisciplinary involvement with the active participation of various scientific and Managerial streams, Govt. authorities, Officials, Legal & Statutory experts, Medicine Manufacturers, Treatment service providers, Quality experts, eminent practitioners, Researchers, exporters, Medicinal Plant cultivators, Media persons and Public apart from AYUSH Academicians and students, to understand the expectations of society towards AYUSH systems and to equip all sections of individual AYUSH systems– Academy, research, Medicine Manufacturing, Treatment services etc-  to cater their needs. In addition, this can be helpful in more global acceptance, better foreign exchange and creation of new employment opportunities for our country if the chance is properly utilized.

Press Network of India is taking the lead to organise a five- day AYUSH Summit and AYUSH Expo at Puducherry in  Association with the internationally renowned Pondicherry University and Government of Puducherry and also with the active support of renowned AYUSH institutions & personalities all over the world.

 Press Network of India –PNI, is a registered society exclusively for journalists. Members of Press Network of India are carefully drawn from the Journalists across the country.  PNI serves all facets of the media-print, visual, and electronic.

The “International AYUSH Summit” is proposed to be held in the third week of February 2020. The Summit will have active participation of all stakeholders – Patients to AYUSH Doctors, Cultivators to Medicine exporters, Managerial professionals to Manufacturers, Researchers to Quality experts, Govt. officials to Entrepreneurs, Academicians to Media persons. We are also expecting the participation of internationally celebrated AYUSH experts in this brainstorming event. We are scheduling Seminars, Paper & Poster Presentations, Yoga & Marma/Varma Demonstrations, Exposing potentials of Medical Value Travel in AYUSH Sector, Exhibitions, Free Medical Camps, Entrepreneurship & Skill Development orientation programs for AYUSH Sector and Interdisciplinary Discussions on various present and upcoming AYUSH possibilities & hurdles to derive suggestions and solutions to prepare the document “AYUSH Pondicherry Declaration” to submit Officials as well as Public. Moreover, we are planning programs for the public also to collect their feedback/expectation regarding AYUSH for consolidation and policy document development.

Program in Brief:

  1. Workshops
  2. Brainstorming sessions
  • AYUSH systems in Internationally
  • AYUSH in Medical Value Travel
  • ASU Drug Industry
  • Status of availability of Medicinal Plants
  • Safety issues of AYUSH Medicines
  • Research in AYUSH Sector
  • AYUSH Academy
  • Skill Development & AYUSH
  • Standardisation & Accreditation in AYUSH Sector
  • AYUSH in Public health
  1. Seminars (Sessions & Speakers will be declared)
  2. Interaction with experts
  3. Poster & Paper Presentations
  4. Buyer – Seller Meet
  5. Investors Conclave (Business Opportunities in Ayush)
  6. Specialty Medical Camps
  7. AYUSH Specialty Awareness stalls
  8. AYUSH Healthy Food Court
  9. Medicinal Plant expo
  10. AYUSH awareness lectures for Public
  11. AYUSH competitions for public
  12. AYUSH Expo
  13. Release of Books & Journals


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