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Hemophilia Musculo-Skeletal Workshop– Hematocon 2019

Date: November 7, 2019

Venue: AIIMS Conference Hall

Time Schedule:

9:00 am: Registration Introduction/Welcome

9.30 am: TEA (15 min)

9.45 am: Introduction to Hemophilia and factor therapy (15 min) Prof Kapil Garg (SMS JAIPUR)

10.15 am: Common presentation and sites of Musculoskeletal bleeds and their sequelae (15 min)  Prof Sunil Gomber (UCMS Delhi)

10:30 am: Physiotherapy management following an acute bleed (30 min) Dr Pamela Narayan (LHRC, Hyderabad)

11.00 am: Physiotherapy management of Chronic synovitis & Hemarthropathy (30 min)Dr Vivek Shankar AIIMS) )

11.30 am: Demo (30 min)Dr Pamela and Dr Vivek Shankar

12 noon: Common MSK Outcome Measures used in Hemophilia: their utility and limitations (30 min)Dr Uday Y, (R &R hospital, New Delhi)

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm: Demonstration of HJHS 30 min (Dr Uday Y and Dr Pamela)

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm: LUNCH

2.30 pm: Demo -How to carry out and score HAL, PED HAL other QOL scales (30 min) Dr Nita Radhakrishnan (SSPH&PGH, Noida) and Judy Ann John (CMC Vellore)

3.00 pm: Utility of Radiologic Scoring systems for of joint evaluation in Hemophilia patients (25min)Dr Priyanka (AIIMS, New Delhi)

3.30 pm: What changes in management when haemophilia patients develop inhibitors? Dr Shirisha (Hyderabad)(15 min)

3.45 pm: Importance of record management in MSK assessment – pertinent data sets to document Aby Abraham (CMC Vellore) 15 min

4.00 pm – 4.30 pm: Q and Ans and feedback and distribution of certificates

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