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Online Homeopathy Video Course On Homeopathic Philosophy by Dr Akshay Swami only on THA

The Homeopathic Philosophy Program of The Homeopathic Academy details the theoretical foundations of homoeopathy in a manner that makes it easily comprehensible for the students of homoeopathy, the homoeopaths-in-the-making and also the non-homoeopaths. The program has been designed to introduce the students to the therapeutic and clinical approaches of Homeopathy, the philosophical background and the theoretical and practical utility of the cardinal principles of this natural therapeutic system. One of the modules also includes detailed insight into the life of the founder of Homeopathy- Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann and the story behind the birth of Homeopathy in the 18th century. The program progresses to bring to light the concepts of health, disease and death from a homoeopathic perspective and the doctrines, laws and theories which back this alternate system of healing. An attempt has been made to highlight the myriad concepts and theories that a homoeopath must know, in order to effectively treat his patients. These concepts include-

  • The Vital force and its role in health and disease
  • Susceptibility and its significance in homoeopathy
  • Homoeopathic aggravation and the techniques for a homoeopath to handle it
  • Kent’s twelve observations and their practical applicability
  • Dr Robert’s philosophy, concepts of materialism
  • Idealism and substantialism in homoeopathy
  • Symptomatology and Posology
  • Concepts of temperament, diathesis, constitution and individualism and their significance in homoeopathy and the like.

A special emphasis has been given to the most complicated concept of miasms and their analytical understanding for the students in this program, so that the student, studying this program, is enriched with the basic knowledge of the foundations of his field- homoeopathy.

For the non-homoeopaths, this program aims to bring out the benefits of Homeopathy, both as an alternative therapy in everyday ailments and as supportive therapy in chronic disorders.  The program talks about the nature of homoeopathic medicines and how do they bring about healing in a sick individual.

This Homeopathic Philosophy program aims to clarify all apprehensions, doubts and queries that, in today’s times, a person might be having regarding a relatively newer and milder system of therapeutics.

About the Author:

With his innovative ideas, divergent thinking, critical bent of mind, Dr Akshay Swami wishes to serve the humanity by attempting to bring out social, moral and medical change and making Homoeopathy as the first choice of medicine. A firm believer in the principles of Homeopathy, Dr Akshay Swami achieved great heights while he was still in his studying years. He is an executive member of All India Homoeopathic Students and Youth Association (AIHSAYA) of West Bengal. As a medical student, he has presented his research papers in several national seminars. His research papers have been published in various Homeopathic Medical Journals. He was awarded the ALLEN’S NATIONAL HOMOEO EXCELLENCE AWARD in 2017 and 2019 by National Homoeopathic Forum of India and Honours in the subject, ‘Organon of Medicine’. He has also been an active participant in several international, national and state seminars for development of homoeopathy in India.


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