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Inclusion Of Modern Pharmacology In B.H.M.S. Curriculum

In the meeting Council of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Gujarat State that held on 24th September 2019 decided to consider the Inclusion Of Modern Pharmacology In B.H.M.S. Curriculum and passed a resolution that is self-explanatory.

Moreover, it is utmost necessary to include Modern Pharmacology /Modern Medicine in the syllabus and curriculum of B.H.M.S. to enhance the knowledge and improve patient care capability of B.H.M.S. student. It is also necessary for the practitioners to take better Health Care of the patient.

Homoeopathic doctors are playing a vital role in providing primary Health care to the society and will deliver effective health care services particularly in view of new guidelines and program in Health Care sector initiated by Govt of India like Ayushman Bharat etc.

From the desk of Dr Ramjee Singh President HMAI

At the emergent National Executive Committee meeting of the HMAI on 13th October 2019 at Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College, Greater Noida called to discuss on the matter of inclusion of allopathy pharmacology in Homoeopathic courses. CCH has sought an opinion from HMAI on the subject of including allopathy pharmacology in the syllabus. Matter was discussed at length and all NEC members present strongly opposed the proposal of inclusion of Allopathy pharmacology in BHMS course. It was decided that HMAI is against such proposal and it will be fatal for the future of Homoeopathy.

During the discussion matter also aroused for up-gradation of Homoeopathic pharmacology with integration of modern development in the pharmacological procedure. Matter was discussed in detail. It was thus decided to recommend for up-gradation of the subject of Homoeopathic Pharmacy by including with all development during the several decades in modern pharmacology related to drug development procedure which includes drug proving, nanomedicine drug kinetics and other such methods which will help in exploring the nature of homoeopathic potentized medicine beyond the Avogadro number. Today Homoeopathy is facing the greatest challenge of proving the existence of medicine property in homoeopathic medicine. This inclusion will enable the young students to take up the spirit of making homoeopathic medicine scientifically explained. Matter of evidence-based medicine is the greatest challenge for homoeopathic medicine and needs to be developed in the line of scientific evidence.  One should not get misunderstood with the subject simply by the word pharmacology. It is modernization of the present homoeopathic pharmacology.

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