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Homeopathy From A To Z: A Course In Alonissos By Prof. George Vithoulkas

A new Homeopathy from A-Z Course is now being held annually at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos in Greece.

But do not be misled by the Course title – this is no simple introductory A to Z overview – this is an intense Course on Classical Homeopathy crammed with live cases, in-depth theory and need-to-know facts necessary for medical professionals who would like to improve their knowledge and practice of Classical Homeopathy.

There will be many new and follow-up cases with varying degrees of complexity or difficulty which accurately reflect the sort of case-loads encountered in many doctor’s practices nowadays. The expert methods for prescribing for these more complex or difficult cases by Professor George Vithoulkas will be most educational even for the more experienced doctors. There will also be an international line-up of skilled medical teachers as well.

This July 2020 the main theme of the lessons will be the development of a chronic case and its case management.

The Homeopathy from A-Z Course content will, of course, include a working understanding of the new ground-breaking medical model Levels Of Health by Professor George Vithoulkas, and the Professor’s Continuum of Unified Theory of Diseases.  

Most of the hours will be taught by Prof. George Vithoulkas and he will be assisted by Dr Mahesh Mallappa, Dr Seema Mahesh and Cristina Chise.

Prof. George Vithoulkas will present live cases with extensive analysis, evaluation of pathology, comparison of remedies and strategies on prescribing.

Dr Seema Mahesh will present many interesting lectures of Prof. Vithoulkas on the theory of Homeopathy and Levels of Health and will include open discussions.

Dr Mahesh Mallappa will present very interesting cases cured with Classical Homeopathy.

Cristina Chise, IACH DIHOM, CCH, will present a series of cases, taken by Prof. George Vithoulkas, with extensive analysis and differential diagnosis.

There will be a special reduction of fees for homoeopaths who have a Diploma from the IACH or a Certificate of Attendance from the IACH. These annual courses will be combined with the E-Learning Course https://www.vithoulkas.edu.gr for those that want to complete their education and take the Diploma of the Academy. The students who will attend this Course are also entitled to take the E-learning Program with a 50% discount.

This course is addressed to Medical Doctors, Dentists, Veterinaries, Pharmacists and Homeopathic Practitioners.

Scientists of biology, chemistry, biochemistry and related sciences are all invited to attend this Course. This is done with the purpose of opening up areas of research for all questions related to the undeniable scientific proof of homoeopathy.

The course language is in English and there are simultaneous translations in Romanian, Brazilian/Portuguese and Italian.

 Language(s): English – Portuguese – Romanian – Italian (simultaneous translation)

  • 29/06/2020 to 10/07/2020
  • The lectures start at 9.30 am and continue until 13.00 pm. After the lunch break, the lectures start at 17.00 pm and continue until 20.30 pm.
  • There will be no lectures during the weekend.

More information:
Mrs Alexandra Issari,
Secretary of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy,
tel. +30 24240 65142,
email:[email protected]
For registration click here.

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