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Homeopathic Council To Be Re-Established

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that the Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Dr Rajita Senaratne has decided to re-establish the Homoeopathic Council, which ended after its dissolution in 2009.

According to the spokesperson, the minister’s attention was drawn to the matter on 11 October by a group of homoeopathy doctors representing the previous Homeopathic Council. The Homeopathic Council was established under the Homeopathy Act No. 07 of 1970.

The meeting was attended by former chairman of the Homeopathic Council, Homeopathy Dr S.R.D.P. Perera said, in the past, members of the Homeopathic Council were appointed in an ad hoc and official manner, against which the Lanka Homeopathy Foundation, which represents them, has taken legal action.

It was also revealed that those who were registered as homoeopathy doctors since 2009 had no technical status. Health Minister Dr Perera stated that about 183 homoeopathic doctors were registered by the Homeopathic Council from 1970 to 2009 and they are the only legally recognized homoeopathic doctors in Sri Lanka who are now aged or have passed away. Therefore, there are few homoeopathic doctors in Sri Lanka.

The Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Dr Rajita Senaratne said that she would immediately focus on the establishment of the Homeopathic Council and as the Minister of Indigenous Medicine, it was her responsibility to ensure that new people step into the field and develop homoeopathy treatments in the country. Homoeopathic doctors should be established through the votes of homoeopathic doctors and as per the court order was given on the case. The minister advised the officers to do the needy.

The meeting was attended by Coordinating Secretary to the Minister, Dr Upul Gunasekera and a number of homoeopathy doctors.

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