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2 Weeks Clinical Training In Calcutta By Allen College of Homoeopathy

Allen College of Homoeopathy is organizing 2 Weeks of Clinical Training In Calcutta, India where they offer a Clinical discussion programme in Homoeopathy in which 160+ live cases are demonstrated. The aim of the 2-week clinical training programme entitled “Visitor Homoeopath’s Exchange Discussion Programme” (VHEDP), is to demonstrate a simple, straight forward, time tested classical method of Homoeopathy. Participants are delighted to see Homoeopathy that works, can be so simple.

Programme Title: Visitor Homoeopath’s Exchange Discussion Programme (VHEDP)

Date: 3rd Feb to 17th Feb 2020

It is generally accepted that homoeopathy is practised widely as primary health care in India. Calcutta has a rich heritage in Homoeopathy and offered the first University and Government approved full time homoeopathic 5 years degree course.

3 major Aims of the Course:

  1. Do not get confused by different methodologies. Believe in 200+ years of a clear approach to prescribing including miasms, totality & essence with sound knowledge in Materia Medica. A practical method which gives you and your patient the confidence in homoeopathy.
  2. See “Homoeopathy in Action” through 160+ live cases in 2 weeks with a practical demonstration of cured cases with heavy pathology.
  3. Homoeopathy can work quickly. Re-visit the action of century-old lesser-known Organopathic medicines like Helonius, Tanacetum, Verbena in Depression; Amyl Nit., Epiphegus, Melilotus, Onosmodium, Usnea for Migraine and wean off the conventional chemicals in accordance with aphorism §91 of Organon and thereby giving confidence to the patient that
    • yes, I can control the dosage and may take fewer chemicals;
    • there are alternatives to manage my condition and
    • homoeopathy is working for me!

Why choose Calcutta Clinical Training?

  • 160+ live cases in 2 weeks: Practical training.
  • Improved cases with heavy pathology seen & discussed during this intensive programme.
  • Established in 1985 with Dr Subrata K. Banerjea.
  • Teachers with an international reputation with vast experience of cured cases.
  • Ready application of Clinical Materia Medica & Miasm. (use Miasm as repeatedly verified methodology in daily practice).
  • Extensive lecture notes provided.
  • Simple classical teaching.
  • Individual support & guidance.
  • 80+ hours of CPD & Clinical hours Certificate.
  • Observe homoeopathy in action in advanced pathologies and develop your confidence.
  • See how simple homoeopathy works. The non-confusing, time tested methodology of combining miasm and totality.
  • Purchase homoeopathic medicines while in India in a very reasonable rate and the savings thereof will pay for your trip.

Programme Schedule: 2 weeks: 3rd February to 17th February 2020: where 160+ Live Cases will be discussed and Miasmatically analysed.
Programme Fees: £880.
Mode of Payment: Payment should be made in full before commencement of the Programme. Payment can be made in Indian Rupees.
Confirmation: If you are further interested, please confirm at your earliest.

For more information, please download our 2-week Clinical Training brochure.


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