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Critics Slam 'Ludicrous' Claim Homeopathy Let A 13-Year-Old Girl Come Out Of COMA

Critics slam ‘ludicrous’ claim drops of a homoeopathic remedy let a 13-year-old girl come out of a COMA caused by same rare condition behind critically-ill Tafida Raqeeb.
Scientists have slammed a ‘ludicrous’ report that claimed homoeopathy helped a 13-year-old girl come out of a coma.

The unnamed teenager allegedly opened her eyes within hours of being given nasal drops in 10 globules of Arnica – an alpine plant – in 30 ml of water. It is also claimed that she could breathe on her own after four days.

But critics have questioned the veracity of the Russian story, stating that such claims made by homoeopaths are always ‘completely impossible’.

The girl is said to have entered a coma in the same way as Tafida Rakib, a seriously ill British girl, who lives for a lifetime.

Tafida had the side effect of an aneurysm (AVM) – a complication of abnormal blood vessels – in his brain that ruptured and caused a stroke.
Alina Pilugina of Homeopath, who treats Russian girl, claimed that her seizures reveal the potential of homoeopathy in patients even at the ‘threshold of death’.

Professor Edzard Ernst, a critic of vocal homoeopathy at the University of Exeter, rejected the report published on Pillugina’s website.

He told MailOnline: ‘Semi-miraculous “cures” are being published by Homeopathy with some regularity.

‘They generally state that they never appear strictly in peer-reviewed journals, lack significant detail and are completely unfounded.’

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