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Opinions About Studying Non-Conventional Medicine

Ramona Jurcău, Ioana Jurcau, George Vithoulkas

Introduction: Non-conventional medicine (NCM) is still briefly or not studied by medical students. The objective was to assess some medical students opinion with respect to NCM.

Methods: French section students (N = 231): 90 of Dental Medicine (DMed); 141 of Medicine (Med). Questionnaire had 24 questions: 6 of NCM generaly; 6 of Homeopathy; 6 of phytotherapy; 6 of Chinese medicine. The 6 for NCM generally were: (1) “I don’t know anything and I am not interested in”; (2) “I don’t know anything, but sounds interesting and I would like to study”; (3) “I learned something about, but I do not like it”; (4) “I learned something about NCM and I would like to learn more and study it”; (5) “I followed a NCM treatment, but without results”; (6) “I followed NCM treatment, with good results”.

Results: Answers to questions NCM generally, were: (1) 17% of DMed, 17% of Med; (2) 30% of DMed, 17% of Med; (3) 19% of DMed, 15% of Med; (4) 24% of DMed, 46% of Med; (5) 22% of DMed, 19% of Med; (6) 19% of DMed, 17% of Med.

Conclusions: (1) NCM is little known by medical students. (2) Few medical students followed a NCM treatment, and some of them were pleased with the results. (3) Most interested to study NCM, are Faculty of Medicine students. (4) Study of NCM could offer medical students the chance to decide themselves if this knowledge is worth or not to be practiced by them.



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