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Ministry Asks To Look Into Conflict Of Interest While Selecting Homeopathic Council

ISLAMABAD – Transparency International (TI) on Tuesday suggested the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) look into a conflict of interest, nominating members of a committee that would choose the National Council for Homeopathy (NCH). Transparency International wrote a letter to the ministry after a copy of the complaint was received by a member of the NCH. TI suggested the Health Secretary investigate the complaint and nominated the undisputed members in the selection committee if the complaint was found to be true.

TI-Pakistan is a national chapter of Transparency International, a civil society organization dedicated to curbing both international and national corruption. In the letter, TI trustee retired Justice Drs. Signed by Ghaus Mohammed and available with Dawn, it is said that TI-Pakistan received a complaint against the President and Vice President of NCH. The complainant has alleged that on 19 September, the ministry constituted a committee to interview the current member of the examination body of the council and at the same time new members of the council proposed to select the most suitable members of the examination-giving body. Kept.

It has been said that NCH vice-president Ghulam Murtaza and NCH member Tariq Khan were also nominated as members of this committee. However, on 11 September, the NHS Ministry issued an office order available with Don J to conduct a factual investigation of allegations of irregularities and corrupt conduct against the Chairman and Vice President of NCH.

How and why the council VP was included in this committee when he himself is facing investigations into allegations of irregularities and corrupt conduct, ‘the letter asked. “ It is a case of conflict against interests under the Code of Civil Establishment (Estacode), the letter said, Transparency International Pakistan had read the complaint, and the Council was facing a vice president.

The letter requested the NHS Secretary to investigate the complaint, and unilaterally reorganized the committee with members if the complaint was found true. M e m m b e r Transparency International Khalid Mehmood told Dawn that a member of the NCH had lodged a complaint with TI and stated that the member of the selection committee had already had a conflict of interest due to allegations of corruption. “Therefore, we have suggested the ministry to look into this issue because the present government takes the issue of conflict of interest very seriously,” he said.

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