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Homoeopathy University Organizes Radical Homoeopathy Seminar At Birla Auditorium Of Jaipur

Radical Homoeopathy – A 3-Day Scientific Convention was organised by Homoeopathy University, Jaipur, from 30th August to 1st September 2019 at Birla Auditorium of Jaipur. For the Convention, the Legends of Homeopathy, the finest Homeopaths, Dr Farokh J. Master, Dr Sunirmal Sarkar and Dr Rajan Sankaran were invited as the Speakers. This 3-day scientific convention aimed to focus on the fundamental, contemporary and revolutionary homoeopathy and provide a wonderful experience, to the attendees, in various aspects of Homeopathy.

The event began with the inaugural function, inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Dr Manoj Rajoria, Member of parliament from Karauli-Dholpur, Rajasthan, the Legendary Speakers, Dr Farokh J. Master, Dr Sunirmal Sarkar, Dr Rajan Sankaran, and the esteemed guests from all over the country, namely Dr Girendra Pal, Dr C. Nayak, Dr Tarkeshwar Jain, Dr Sandeep Kaila, Dr Atul Kumar Singh, Dr Shrimohan Sharma, Mr, Ravindra Jain, Dr Ramjee Singh, Dr S.M. Singh, Dr Girish Gupta, Dr R. K. Manchanda, Dr V.K. Gupta, Mr Rahul Jain IPS, Dr K.C. Bhinda, Dr Amar Singh Shekhawat and the organisers, Dr Abhishek Dalmia, Dr Sunil Thomas and their team.

Soon after the inaugural session, Dr Master started with his 1st session. He shared his experience of a case of a girl from Pakistan, bitten by Krait snake, completely cured by the use of a great snake remedy, along with an explanation of the numerous species of snake remedies. He shared his clinical experience on the miraculous cures of pneumonia, carcinoma of the cervix, meconium ileus and paralysis of the diaphragm. He also guided the management of critical cardiac patients, patients with serious infections, and also with an acute neurological emergency.

Dr Sarkar shared the different approaches that can be opted during clinical practice and the role of homoeopathy in pathological cases especially Cancer. He focused on smaller medicines with greater leap.

He also shared his experience while dealing with different cases such as Chronic renal failure, malignancy of naval region, cancer of epiglottis, etc. He very well explained the process of how to use any symptom for selection of simillimum and taught numerous medicines as well as their marked action.

Dr Sankaran demonstrated his experience in autoimmune diseases with the employment of eight box method, focusing on all the aspects of each case such as pathology/diagnosis, chief complaint, exciting factor/cause/modalities, physical generals, mental generals, dreams and delusions, concomitants and past history. He taught the art of case taking, analysis, remedy selection, relating it with kingdoms, and follow up with the help of various live cases such as multiple sclerosis, focal segmental glomerulonephritis, and as always, wonderfully related music with homoeopathy, creating a musical environment all over.

Nobody wanted the conference to end, but as it is destined, everything which begins has to end, so the conference too came to an end on 1st September 2019, but it will always be remembered as one of the best conferences till date.

Compiled by:

  • Dr Anshuman Kankoriya [M.D.(PGR)]
  • Dr Swati Sharma[M.D.(PGR)]
  • P.G. Scholars from Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Jaipur.


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