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Government Out To Keep Dengue And Other Fevers At Obsolete With Homoeopathy

Hyderabad: The Telangana Health Department has turned to homoeopathy medicine to control the rise of dengue and other fever across the state. For the last few days, small plastic bottles used for homoeopathy medicines in all districts, containing 200 tablets of the arsenic album.
This drug is to be taken in three doses for three consecutive days, with six tablets in each dose.
About 70,000 homeopathy pill bottles (each bottle enough to give medicine to six persons) were already evicted or to be given to schoolchildren and people of all ages in each of the ten former districts from Hyderabad.
The collectors were tasked to ensure administration of this preventive medicine to the local people free of charge. Health department and AYUSH officials were asked to organize drug distribution camps in various places and schools in their jurisdiction.
This drug is being taken from the government homeopathy medicine manufacturing unit in Ramanpur, where there are sufficient stocks which can be sent to more districts when needed.
Dr. N. Lingaraju, Additional Director and Principal, Principal, Government Homeopathy College, Ramanathapur, said that this drug boosts the immune system in a person to protect him or her from various types of fever including dengue.
He said that it has been proved that simple homeopathy medicines are sufficient to keep dengue and other viral fever away. Sources said that the health department which is constantly monitoring fever status in the districts depends on this alternative medicine to fight dengue.
Health Minister Etala Rajender himself initiated the initiative by feeding bullets to school children and locals at a camp in Dammiguda on the outskirts of the city a few days ago.

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