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National Homoeopathy Seminar By Preach Homoeopathy

With Master Hahnemann’s grace, Preach Homoeopathy feels blessed and delighted to announce another National Homoeopathy Seminar at the Heart of Country (New Delhi, INDIA)
This seminar is in a sequence of the learnings from the previous National Homoeopathy Seminar. A Journey towards Light, A Journey towards Knowledge, A Journey towards becoming Complete, A Journey to be Better Homoeopath, and A Journey of Learning how to heal the LIFE of SICK.
Let’s all join together for the Highest Mission of Master Hahnemann to learn how to HEAL the LIFE and Understand how we get pathological changes with Changes in our perception and Consciousness.
The whole purpose of this educational Seminar is to learn how we can see ourself in Patients to understand them better and how to understand the False and Delusive Perception of Patients to cure the Pathologies.
Date: 23-24 November 2019
Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Venue: Iskcon Temple, Hare Krishna Hill, Sant Nagar, Main Road, East Of Kailash, New-Delhi
Come and join us!
Registration on first come first serve basis
For registration click here
For Enrolment Contact: 

  • Dr.Rachna Kalra:  9872543546
  • Dr.Babaldeep Singh: 8284097839

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