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Bihar Cabinet To Recruit Doctors And Professors

Bihar Government Recruitment 2019: There is big news for the government job seekers of Bihar. Yesterday, the Bihar Cabinet approved the proposal of the Education Department for the recruitment of Assistant Professors. Also, it was allowed for the staff of AYUSH Medical Officers in additional Primary Health Centers.
According to media reports, 229 assistant professors in 229 colleges will be admitted to the Department of Environmental Sciences. Principal Secretary Sanjay Kumar told the media that one post of Assistant Professor is to be filled in KSDS University, Darbhanga, Cabinet Secretariat Department and every constituent college of all universities of the state.
He said: To promote the health care system of Bihar, 2340 AYUSH Medical Officers will be recruited in Additional Primary Health Centers (APHC). He further said that doctors will appoint 50 percent Ayurvedic, 30 percent homeopathy and 20 percent in Unani. Out of a total of 2772 APHCs, the posts of AYUSH doctors have already been created in 432 APHCs.
Apart from the above, 29 vacancies are available to climate change experts under ‘Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change’.
In addition, 589 posts of audit officers are also available under the ‘Hay Panchayati Raj Audit Cadre’. Kumar said that various posts have been created including 373 posts of auditors, 174 posts of senior audit officers, 41 posts of district audit officers and one post of chief audit officer.

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