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Homeopathic Treatment Claims To Cure Autism

A controversial homoeopathic treatment blames the vaccine for contributing to autism – and claims to cure autism with a diluted vaccine.

In New Zealand, aut cure is a homoeopathic treatment regime invented for autism.

The complete elimination of autistic spectrum expression, or CEASE therapy as it is known, has drawn international condemnation and United Kingdom ad watchdogs are now breaking out on false claims by hundreds of homoeopaths offering treatment.

There is no cure for autism and there is no medicine to treat it. Some treatments target symptoms, but nothing has been found that affects the underlying condition.

Eighteen New Zealand homoeopaths are listed online as CEASE practitioners. The training consists of a three to the five-day course.

The concept behind CEASE therapy is due to autism toxins. The inventor, who is now deceased Tinus Smuts, claimed that 70 per cent of the toxins come from vaccines.

The purpose of their treatment regime is to use very dilute amounts of the same toxins as toxins. It includes a thinner version of vaccines.

No strong peer-reviewed scientific evidence CEASE therapy – or homoeopathy – works better than a placebo.

How do homoeopaths say homoeopathy works?

Homoeopathy works on the concept of ‘Like-Cure-Like’. – If anything makes you sick, then the homoeopath will treat you with the same thing except dilute you.

Logic bends the mind. Homoeopaths believe that the thinner it is, the more potent it is. For example, homoeopaths believe that treatment with five drops of the active ingredient in 100 ml of water would be weaker than treatment with only one drop of the active ingredient.

A common homoeopathic dilution of the component with water is 30C. A 30C solution consists of a fraction of one million million million million million million million per million of the original component.

The treatment is vigorously shaken between dilutions. The homoeopath believes that it activates healing by releasing a spirit-like healing force. Another theory is the memory of water which has been in it.

CEASE therapy raises many questions.

How are vaccines caught to dilute homoeopaths?

In New Zealand, you cannot take a vial of MMR vaccine only to take and sell water from the chemist as a homoeopathic remedy.

Vaccines are prescription drugs. The Health Ministry told the News Room that vaccines fall under Section 43 of the Medicine Act. The purchase, possession, and authority for the administration of vaccines lie with health professionals, or those found as “reasonable excuses”.

A spokesperson said: “A person manufactures another medical product (such as a homoeopathic vaccine) to purchase/purchase a vaccine, under s43 is unlikely to be a reasonable excuse unless the person is from authorized health care professionals Don’t be one. “

Many New Zealand CEASE practitioners do not have the websites listed, and those who refer to it pass it. Auckland-based The Healing Heaven Lee-Ann McCall offers CEASE therapy and has a page dedicated to it. The website page does not claim to cure autism, but does mention that the treatment was initially created to treat people on the autism spectrum and may be useful to others “as we all suffer from poisoning”.

The newsroom said before contacting McCall about the service that it has treated vaccinated children who are allergic:

“There are many cases of allergies, including allergies, asthma and food allergies in pre-vaccinated children. Although they are only beginning their journey with this method, they are experiencing some decrease in their sensitivity to allergies due to having only a few doses of homoeopathic remedies made from the vaccine. “

McCall told the newsroom that she was too busy with customers to provide commentary for the article and said that the newsroom was not allowed to use her name. The following day, the mention of the treatment of children with the vaccine was removed from the website, but the page offering CEASE therapy remained.

Three complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority have been made by members of the public in relation to various claims made on The Healing Heaven’s website over the past four years. Complaints were all resolved or retained as a result of the website or digital advertising.

The Newsroom also contacted the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths with questions and is awaiting a response. The Council is currently promoting an event on its website: Remedy Autism: Meeting the Challenge of Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

One possible scenario is the vaccine treatment that was purchased from a New Zealand wholesaler who imported already diluted products from the United Kingdom. The wholesaler, which listed “remedies” including MMR, meningitis and polio vaccine, said the company sells the products it buys and to homoeopaths.

Homoeopathic products where the active ingredient does not exceed 20 million per million usually require the consent of the Minister as long as the label and advertising material does not include medical claims.

Helen Pettusis Harris of the University of Auckland thinks for CEASE therapy, the level of dilution used would mean that there would be no possibility of the original molecules in it.

“They will only need one vial which will probably bring them for 100 billion doses.”

Wait, are homoeopathic vaccines?

Along with treating what Smuts calls toxins from vaccines, Homeopathy offers its version of the vaccine that proposers to protect people or animals from disease.

Pertussis Harris looked into homoeopathic prophylaxis – the use of homoeopathic vaccine – during a measles outbreak in 2016 when people presented certificates of homoeopathic prophylaxis as evidence of immunity.

However, diluted treatments, which are believed to call homoeopath disease “nodes”, presumably harmless water, are worrisome because people believe they are safe from the disease.

“This is a real danger. Introducing proven therapies for potentially dangerous diseases.”

Randomized blind placebo-controlled trials showed that homoeopathic vaccines work as well as a placebo of sugar tablets and saline injections. People failed him to develop an antibody response.

She said that she sees CEASE therapy as a whole new level of homoeopathic “woo”.

“They are hunters, they are making money from it. Although it may not cause chemical harm to anyone, it is very vile, downright behaviour.”

What does Autism NZ think about this?

Autism NZ chief executive Dan Dagan said that it was proved that vaccines are not the cause of autism.

He knows about CEASE therapy but had not heard of it being of much use in New Zealand, which he thinks is probably a good thing.

“As an organization our comment on all these [inaccessible remedies], we are not looking for a cause and do not look for a cure. It is quite offensive to do so.”

He said that the focus of the organization is helping individuals and families living with autism. Scientific evidence is seen to “help those people live the best they can live”. He gave examples of medicine to help control epilepsy.

He said that some of the most insecure people in society fall prey to unattainable treatments.

“They should be evidence-based and proven science. Not just people coming up with an idea. “

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