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GNM International Conference 2019

GNM International Conference 2019 is going to be held in a small but scenically beautiful township of Bad Ischl near Salzburg in Austria on 20 to 22 September 2019.
About the Conference Caroline Markoline writes:
*It will be an amazing event!! Having people attending from around the world is our chance to show “GNM in Practice” at its best, with all its challenges and its beauty. With this event, we are going to set the stage for future GNM Conferences about the practical application of GNM. As you know: “This is only the beginning!”*
The programme schedule of the International Conference for those attending and for those who are interested is given below:
The two cases that would be taken at the Conference are “Chronic Eczema” and “A Parkinsons”. The topic of this GNM Conference is “GNM IN PRACTICE”, the delegates will get more clarity on how GNM KNOWLEDGE will be practically useful independent of any modality including Homoeopathy. There will be Q & A sessions as well on the GNM THERAPY. There are delegates from 19 countries this time as the GNM is growing and the maximum number of delegates i.e. 15 persons have registered from India. So, the authorities have every reason to request Caroline for holding the 2020 GNM International Conference in India.
Also, if it’s not possible for any member of GNM INDIA to try for visa, accommodation and tickets within the remaining period of time. They can reach out to the authorities for help and discuss their difficulties.

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