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Remeber a line from one of the famous poem – ‘All who wander are not lost’…
Listen to Dr. Harsh Nigam, in Discussion with THA where he tries to tell how the wanderers of Homeopathy must gain the confidence to get to the proper path & reach their destination.

In the video he explains how Modus Foundation program explores the very foundation of homeopathy. It benefits not just the students but also the beginners, the established practitioners and teachers of homeopathy in innumerable manners. The program offers a simple explanation of the principles of homeopathy.
The program explains concepts of Sapere Aude, Vital Force, Miasma, Constitution and Temperaments. An attempt has been made to explore the evolution and structure of repertories, the significance of symptom totality in prescribing and the essentials of repertorisation in homeopathy. Enroll to the program only at www.thehomeopathicacademy.com

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