Assessing Human Health-Correlation of Autoimmune Diseases with Chemically Suppressed Acute Infections of Patient’s Past Medical History

-by Spiros Kivellos, Seema Mahesh and George Vithoulkas

Abstract: This is an effort to present to the medical profession, a new concept for evaluating the level of health of an individual, through the theory of Professor George Vithoulkas.

The theory of Levels of Health has proven to be a valuable aid to clinicians as it enables them not only to evaluate the patient’s health status but also to adapt the course of individual treatment. This is achieved by assessing the body’s response, to therapy of any kind. When coupled with the ‘Continuum of a unified theory of diseases’, disease and treatment are better understood and provide a reference standard for clinicians.

The application of the concepts of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and those correlating the suppression of acute diseases with the simultaneous emergence of chronic conditions opens up new horizons in understanding the human body’s nature in this respect. The treatment of acute diseases can lead in two opposite directions: it can either bring about a cure or, on the contrary, cause a gradual degeneration of the body’s PNI defence.

With regard to ‘symptoms,’ their reduction or the disappearance following treatment, is either because the body does not need them anymore, having reached a higher level of health or, that it cannot maintain them anymore, as its health has been degraded due to the treatment.

The ideal treatment should not simply eliminate the symptoms while the overall health deteriorates. Instead, it must aim at enhancing the action of the immune system in its own direction by strengthening the symptoms generated by it. This way the immune system becomes stronger after getting rid of the disease and the overall health becomes better.

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