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NHC Requests To Upgrade The Academic Requirement For DHMS

Islamabad– On Tuesday, from the National Council for Homeopathy, an urgent request to upgrade the basic requirement for the intermediate from DHMM to Intermediate was requested.

In a statement, it has been said that despite the fact that the directive of the National Health Service Ministry to change the basic requirement for homoeopathy medical science (DHMS) for intermediate (pre-medical) from the matriculation of the Senate Standing Committee on the NHS was given. The statement said that although nothing was practically done by the Ministry, the NCH was creating obstacles in the process, which was compromising the standards of production of doctors and ultimately endangering public health.

It was alleged that the NCH Examination body was trying to include those who were accused of tampering with the result of 1,200 candidates and also a show-cause notice was issued by the NHS Ministry.

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