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World Homoeopathic Physician Health Day:15-July-2019

Homoeopathic Accent in coordination with Homeo Zones is going to re-organize “World Homoeopathic Physician Health Day” this year (2019).
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To know how and why to organize this day please read “”.
Summary of reason for the organization of this day – we initiated this day for the health of Homoeopathic Physician by Homoeopathic Physician because when a Homoeopathic Physician gets sick than many times he is not able to take his own case due to illness of his own mind, leading him to wrong interpretation and bias about his own symptoms, causes wrong remedy selection and gets more sickness may be due to worrying nature about recovery from illness or fear of death. The mission of this day is to help to give cure not only to general people but to our colleagues also.
To celebrate this day communicate with nearby Homoeopathic Physicians and conduct a meeting of 6-7 Homoeopathic Physicians at your clinic. Take 6-7 papers, create code no. and write down code no. on them. e.g. Paper-1 with code no. AHKTDG47278, Paper-2 with code no. HJKDUGKD35674, etc. Spread all papers without a look at the code means to hide the code no. Tell everyone to write down their health-related problems (all symptoms).
Everyone must remember their own paper code and try not to look at other code anyhow. By this way, we will be able to describe all symptoms without any hesitation. Collect all papers without disclosing their code. Discuss the papers without trying to see their code and try to find out their right remedy without laughing or commenting on any symptoms of our colleague. Write down advise to how to select their right remedy out of the list of medicines, so that there will be no further need of questions remains to describe their symptoms. In this our aim is to treat our colleague without any hesitation. Now fold all the papers in such a way so that only code will be visible. Tell all of them to collect only their own code no. paper.

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