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AYUSH Ministry Invites Application For Internships At National Medicinal Plants Board

New Delhi: Through a recent notice, the AYUSH Ministry has invited applications for the Internship Program 2019 in the National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB). The last date for application is 5 July 2019

National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) has been set up under the Ministry of AYUSH
It is an agency that will be responsible for coordinating all matters related to medicinal plants, in which to include policies and strategies for conservation and proper conservation, so that the proper cultivation of raw materials for the protection, maintenance and development of this area, Research and development processing marketing possible.

National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) has invited applications for the internship program 2019 for the internship scheme below eligible students/candidates.

  • The last date for receiving an application in prescribed proforma is July 5
  • Email can be sent to application benami nose in the prescribed format)

Under Secretary to the Govt. Of India

  • Manager (M & T) NMPB It must be published on the official website of NMPB.
  • IG Ghosh, advisor to AYUSH Ministry, with a request to be published in AYUSH website

Introduction: The National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) has been set up under the Ministry of AYUSH, which will be an agency which will be responsible for coordinating all matters related to medicinal plants, in which policies for protection and proper harvesting costs and Strategies include – Effective farming of raw materials, research and development processing marketing to save, maintain and develop this area.

1.1 The NMPB mandate is directly related to promoting the AYUSH sector as most of the raw materials, dietary supplements and nutrients of AYUSH medicines are obtained from medicinal herbs and plants. The importance of this area is multidisciplinary and is mainly associated with the livelihood and revenue generation of the farmers. Given the economic importance of medicinal plants, there is an urgent need to organize them systematically to exploit the full economic potential and prevent them from becoming extinct. Therefore, I need, along with other things, financial support, hybrid seeds and plants of new ideas, facilitate modern technical support for direct marketing and encouragement to farmers to develop more medicinal plants for this. In this extra productivity, there will be a chain reaction to meet the demand of pharmaceutical companies to increase the raw material in India’s share of medicinal plants and products in the world market, which is currently only 2.5 per cent. It can play an important role in achieving government initiatives by doubling the income of farmers by 2022 and thereby speed up the economic development of the nation.

1.2 To meet the growing demand and to formulate policy as well as to address quality standardization marketing, it is necessary to develop manpower in this field, which can work on various aspects of this area, in which instructions of NITI UGC According to the young academic talent will be involved. During the internship, prepare for the expansion of the micro-targeted projects as well as for different aspects of the MPs.

2. Purpose: The purpose of the scheme is to provide the skills of young talent in the field of medicinal plants. The intern will have the opportunity to know about NMPB plans and policy on the development of medicinal plants in the following areas.

i) Raw material standardization
ii) Germplasm protection
iii) Issues related to marketing and business
iv) Agrotechnology
v) Policy and Regulations
vi) Market Studies:
vii) Documentation and project results
viii) Supply Chain Management
Ix) Awareness Program
x) Research and development activities

3. Objectives: The objective of the internship is to allow short term risk of selected candidates in different areas of medicinal plants.

4. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: All students who receive a bachelor’s degree all the time, postgraduate degree/diploma or higher degree from an accredited institution/university in India / abroad.

5. Field: AYUSH System, Forestry Pharmacy Pharmacology Agricultural Management, Sociology Law, Botany Science Pharmacognosis, Medicinal Plants, Environmental Science etc.

6. The number of internships: A total of 10 internships will be given during the financial year. The internship will be available throughout the year

7. Period of Internship: The duration of the internship will be of 1-3 months as per the requirement of the respective institutes/university course courses. The internship will be available in summer during April-June) and in the winter of December

8. Award of Certificate: A certificate will be issued about successful internship by CEQ in annexe format in front of the certificate. Trainees who fail to complete the required period of internship and submit the project report, they will not get any certificate and will be informed of the matter to the concerned institution/university

9. Status of Engagement: Intern

10. Stipend: Rs. The consolidated stipend will be paid. 10,000 / – per month (For those who are not availing any other fellowship, no other allowances will be accepted.

11. Internship module

i) 1 day – the orientation of the overall activities of the MPB and the work of the project work.
ii) After that, the internet will work on assigned projects. They will have the opportunity to interact with the experts, perform seminars and also tour the field.
iii) The intern will also be encouraged for any trip to MPB funded project
iv) Mid-term review
v) Final presentation and sharing experience of the project
vi) Farewell and certificate delivery

12. How to apply

i) Interested students can apply in the prescribed format given in Annexure-I through the concerned institution. Application in any other format will not be considered
ii) The application should be the recommendation/sponsorship of competent authority from a recognized academic institution, where the candidate is studying it. Applications received without recommendations will not be considered
iii) Applicants must submit a summary on the subject (should be related to NMPB) he/she intends to work in 500 words internship with his applications. The synopsis should be broadly employed and cover a brief introduction to the subject matter of the study methodology for bibliography.
iv) If it is online then all related certificates (attested) should be scanned, self-verified and uploaded with the application.
v) Applications can be mailed in all the prescribed formats by all types – Chief Executive Officer, First Floor, India Red Cross Annexy Building, Red Cross Road, Parliament House, New Delhi-110 001. The application can also be deposited. With hard copy online

13. Process of scrutiny: NMPB will advertise notification on its website to invite applications for interns. All applications will be examined by a committee. The list of selected items will be uploaded to the website. The selected candidate must be included within the prescribed time. Those who fail to join their candidacy will be rejected

14. Project Subject: With the development of NMP Wiltsable, it seeks innovative subjects from the public, which are useful for the growth of medicinal plant area to assign interns.

15. Project Evaluation: An expert committee of NMPB will evaluate the project report of the intern and will brainstorm new ideas and submit the assessment report to the CEO for further action.

16. Other Terms and Conditions:

i) Internal work in NMPB premises or as guided by NMPB
ii) The competent authority of the institute or the referee recommending candidacy for nominated or internship is expected to be available for interaction with NMPB if required.
iii) No holiday will be acceptable to any holiday other than casual leave which is limited to one per month
iv) No TA / DA will be allowed to join NMPB.
v) If it wants to exempt only the interns in the inevitable circumstances, then the permission of the CEO is necessary, the notice of 05 days by the candidate is required to be given and no such certificate will be given in such cases.
vi. If the NMPB requires the services of interns on closed days, then no indemnity or conversion charge will be acceptable for this. The intern will have to make the necessary arrangements at its cost.
vii) If any declaration or information given by the candidate proves to be false or if the candidate is found to intentionally suppress any material information then he is liable to terminate the engagement of his contract immediately and thus The other action will be done in the form of NMPB. May be necessary
viii) In case of resignation, the intern will have to return the stipend with 10% penalty.
ix) No rights will be given to engagement for appointment to any post under NMPB.
x) Selected candidates are required to execute a band.
xi) Before attending internship Rs. There is a need to give an undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper of 20.00:

a) It has no right to placement for job/employment
b) He will strictly maintain complete privacy and confidentiality of any information/matter related to NMPB
c) He will complete the work assigned within the prescribed time.

17. Savings clause: NNIP reserves the right to review the plan at any time. The reviewed scheme will be kept on the NMPB website. Being the President, as the President, any of the above conditions with respect to any eligible candidate will have the power to rest.

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