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Anant Mahadevan's award winning bio-charity films were released on Sunday

 anant mahaadevan kee puraskaar vijeta jaiv-daan philmen ravivaar ko rileej hueen 68/5000 Anant Mahadevan's award winning bio-charity films were released on Sunday.

Talasari: Mumbai Homoeopathic doctor Jatin N. Valia during the treatment of a patient at a medical camp in Talasari. (Photo: IANS)

Mumbai, June 14 (IANS) Actor-filmmaker Anant Mahadevan’s award-winning biological, “Village of a Lesser God” – the labour of his love, which took six years to make – there will be a premiere at a special ceremony. on Sunday.


A homoeopath (Dr.) Jatin N. of Mumbai, in the tribal village of Bio-Mumbai, Tiassari, receiving the Best Documentary Award in Rajasthan International Film Festival, in January. Valia works with them. Palghar.


“Barely 125 kilometres away from Mumbai, the village is deprived of medical facilities and is suffering from illiteracy, liquor, unemployment, power theft, land grab, ecological exploitation, conversion and superstitious beliefs.” From 2012, Dr Walia has worked alone to change The villages and its residents are brought into the socio-economic mainstream, “an excited Mahadevan told IANS.


In “VOALG”, Mahadevan narrated the journey of Walia, punctured with many tears and cumin, but some cheers, great personal sacrifice and even threats of death, to improve the Talasari.


Valia told IANS, “With a ‘Learn and Arn’ program for medical care, cleanliness and sanitation facilities and education for women and all children, Talasari is on the way to becoming self-sufficient.”


Mahadevan, 55, national award winner admits that his Bio-Darns also worked as an eye opener for him – because Talasari was once considered ‘Wild West’, where casual visitors were also seen in suspicion Used to go and stone them on their vehicles.


Mahadevan said, “The misery here is similar to the millions of other rural areas of the country because more than 60 per cent of India lives in villages, Walia’s work can be an inspiration for others.”


Nandlal H. After adopting Talasari through the Walia Research and Charitable Trust, Valia and her team visit regularly to meet the villagers and resolve their issues.


Treating patients, arranging surgery – which has so far more than 5 million rupees in major hospitals – and visits by superintendents for complex cases and supportive medicine.


A few years ago, when former Mumbai Sheriff and educationist Mohanbai came Patel, for the first time, knew about Walia’s work in a toilet, then he called Pooh-Pooh: “It is impossible to unite the tribals of the country.”


Later, the former head of Mr Vile Parle Kelwani Mandal (SVPKM) took a quick and quiet visit to verify Walia’s work and was highly impressed. On Sunday, Patel will be the chief guest in the release of the Boy-Dawn release.


Veteran social reformer Anna Hazare, who came to Talasari around 2014, was very impressed with Walia’s work. Famous for his own model village, ‘Ralegan-Siddhi’, Hazare also gave some suggestions to Walia and urged other professionals to follow the path of a good doctor.


Interestingly, Patel and Hazare – both early unbelievers – were included in Mahadevan’s documentary.


“By trying to make them independent, we challenge personalized academic coaching for children, professional courses with job placements, promoting meritorious girls and challenging students, computer education, making geo-articles like eco-friendly products, 500 tribals Take initiative for women, and paper bags, etc., “Walia said.


“After that we plan a ‘Health Assistant Program’ in over 70 tribal settlements, providing basic first aid training to five boys and girls for a multi-purpose community hall, skill training, yoga and sports and a full-fledged establishment. Under the guidance of former Indian hockey captain Dhanraj Pillay and India’s national archery coach Waribam Ranjan Singh, the sports academy Went up.


Valia is considered the only homoeopath in the world, who has worked with the Indian Olympic Champion and other players as an overall sports doctor worldwide.


Walia said, “I help manage the chronic pens, cope with injuries, ensure psychology recovery, stress psychology and ensure immunity development for all these players.”

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