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Obituary- Mohinder Singh Jus

 Mohinder Singh JusWith Deepest Regrets we share the loss of an internationally recognized personality in the field of homoeopathy of this era, Dr Mohinder Singh Jus. He was one of the world’s most experienced homoeopaths and also an internationally sought after speaker.

Dr Mohinder Singh Jus was born in New Delhi in 1947 as the son of an artist and studied at the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, where he graduated in 1968 with the “Diploma of Medicine and Surgery”. He then worked under Dr B. Bose, the last student of Dr J.T. Kent.


From 1969 to 1985, he led a private practice in New Delhi. During that time he already worked as a lecturer and consultant at various homoeopathic universities and hospitals.

Since 1985, he worked as a homoeopath and speaker in Germany and abroad. Soon he was not only a busy practitioner but he also increasingly taught classical homoeopathy.


In 1990, he founded the SHI Homoeopathic Institute, the principal task of which was the organization of weekend courses in classical homoeopathy and to create general awareness about classical homoeopathy in the public.


In 1993, he called the Dr B. K. Bose Foundation and the SHI Homoeopathic College to life.

He was a well-known speaker and author of many books such as The Journey of a Disease, Pracktische Materia Medica, EL VIAJE de las ENFERMEDADES etc.


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