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Reasons To Choose Allen College Of Homeopathy For Two Years Part Time PG Course

Allen College of Homoeopathy is offering a well structured TWO YEAR POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME IN CHELMSFORD (35 minutes by train from London), under the direct supervision and teaching of Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea, the successful Clinician & internationally respected teacher of Miasms & Comparative Materia Medica, who has descended his “homoeopathic blood” from over 106 years of his ancestral homoeopaths.

All students receive individual support and guidance and have an extensive support network.

The structured, practical training is specifically designed to produce confident, competent and capable homoeopaths who have all the skills necessary to set up their own successful practices after graduation.

Look at the reasons why you should choose Allen College for your Post Graduate Course:
  • Trust in 200+ years of a clear approach to prescribing including miasms, totality & essence with sound knowledge in Materia Medica. Do not get confused by different methodologies.
  • Demonstration of Simple homoeopathy, which works. This training takes you back to the basics with solid reinforcement of Clinical, Comparative and Behavioural Materia Medica with clinical interpretation of Organon in every session.
  • This homoeopathy training will give you the methodologies for Organopathic support. You will re-visit the action of century-old lesser known medicines like Helenius, Indigo, Tanacetum, Verbena, in Depression; and learn the modus operandi of weaning off the conventional chemicals successfully while respecting patient’s preference, in accordance with aphorism §91of Organon.
  • This Post Graduate Course includes a therapeutic approach. Through this method, Dr Banerjea encourages you to think of a group of medicines as a starting point and then he teaches extensive Comparative Materia Medica in every session to reach the similimum.
  • Allen College’s homoeopathy training clearly demonstrates that the Homoeopathic prescription should NOT be made purely on the basis of the therapeutic approach, but on the basis of the strictest individualisation and combining the time tested practical methodology of M-TEK: Miasm (50% emphasis) + [Totality, Essence+ Keynotes] (50% emphasis), which is the classical and practical prescribing approach in this drug dependant world, which are 1)Time tested; 2) Scientific; 3) Methodical and logical; 4) Founded on solid principles; and 5) Simple, non confusing Homoeopathy.
  • This training course develops your homoeopathy career through strengthening your Comparative Materia Medica and Therapeutic Materia Medica.
  • This course will develop your Acute Prescribing by using Subrata’s extensive fast slum prescribing techniques (Calcutta comes to Chelmsford).


If you need any further clarification about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Banerjea or telephone 44 (0)1245 505859).
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