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Homeopaths Claim Anti-Poliovirus Vaccine Prepared In Pakistan

PESHAWAR: Certain senior homeopathic doctors have claimed that the National Homeopathy College has prepared a vaccine against poliovirus in Pakistan that could be tested and verified by any laboratory to verify its effectiveness.

Speaking at a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club on Monday, retired Colonel Iqbal Shaheen, Dr Saeedur Rehman Khattak, Dr Adeel, Dr Rahim Ahmad and others urged parents to vaccinate their children with the vaccine to help eradicate the disease. country. They said that, unfortunately, Pakistan was one of the three countries that still had poliovirus, while more than 200 countries had been spared the disease. Dr Iqbal Shaheen stated that only 1.1 million children in Peshawar were not given polio drops because their parents refused to vaccinate the children and the National Emergency Operations Center feared that the virus would reappear.


He said that many members of the polio teams were attacked and harmed, but they were brave enough to continue doing their duty. He believed that people were fed up with the polio vaccine prepared by the West, as they had reservations about it for several reasons. He said polio continues to affect children in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria and was ruining his future. To deal with the situation, he said that the homeopaths had prepared the Lathyrus Sativus poliovirus vaccine. “It is a gift for our nation,” he said.


In his detailed presentation, Iqbal Shaheen highlighted the role of homeopathy in the eradication of polio and explained the recommendations of the main homeopaths. “The international community and the Health Department failed to convince parents to administer drops of polio to children and this is the reason why the deadly disease is not eradicated.” In case the parents refuse, He said that the last victim is Pakistan and its citizen.


He said that the anti-polio drops could be used with simple water to eliminate this disease and that the time has come to take bold and practical steps and save society from the destruction of the polio vaccine prepared by the West.

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