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Delhi Homeopathic Federation to celebrate 264th Birthday Of Master Hahnemann

Bjain Group Won The Certificate Of Excellence As A Leading Homoeopathic VentureSince the past 20 years, Delhi Homoeopathic Federation along with the Board of Homoeopathic system of Medicine organises the biggest get together of Homoeopaths from all over Delhi. This year too, the event was organised on 28th April 2019, by Delhi Homoeopathic Federation, in collaborations with all other associations, united together to work for the betterment of Homoeopathy. The event started with the C.M.E. Panel Discussion on the topic, “Role of Professional Organisations in advancing the future of Homoeopathy”. The Moderator of the discussion, Dr Raj Kumar Manchanda, along with the Panel experts from various associations, Dr Nirmaljit Singh from DREAMS Innovative Homoeopaths, Dr V.K. Chauhan from I.I.H.P., Dr R.N. Wahi from S.D.H.A., Dr G.S. Soni from H.H.M.R., Dr Sandeep Kaila from Liga Medicamentorum, Dr Deepak Sharma from D.H.M.A., Dr Saurav Arora from H.M.A.I. explained about the role of various Homoeopathic Organisations in the upliftment of Homoeopaths, about the activities these associations are performing for the cause of Homoeopathy. Each association targeting for the promotion of Homoeopathy in one or another way, taking a pledge to work all together in an umbrella of ONE conjoint association.

The Chief guest of the programme, Hon’ble Health Minister, Mr Satyendra Jain, motivated all the Delhi Homoeopaths with his kind words and the plannings to be executed in the sector of health in the coming future. On behalf of Homoeopathic Fraternity, the organising committee, Dr K.K. Juneja, Ex-Chairman, Board of Homoeopathic system of medicine, and Dr A.K. Arun, raised the Issues, Homoeopaths are suffering from, and demanded the formation of committee of Board, bring out more vacancies in the government sector for Homoeopaths, improve the infrastructure of Homoeopathic colleges, include Homoeopathy in Aam Aadmi Mohalla clinics, and many other issues too.

Bjain Group Won The Certificate Of Excellence As A Leading Homoeopathic VentureHon’ble Health Minister, in his speech, explained the reasons for these issues and promised to work for the raised issues until he is in power and improve the state of Homoeopathy in Delhi. Also, he promised to start two shifts in around 100 Aam Aadmi Mohalla clinics and appoint Homoeopathic physicians in the second shift of these clinics in Delhi.

The meritorious students of Homoeopathic medical colleges, including NHMC, SHMC, Bakson HMC, JRK HMC, Sympathy Institute of Pharmacy, were felicitated, along with their College Principal. Numerous Homoeopaths, Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical companies were awarded for rendering their services in the field of Homoeopathy.

The main awardees were Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla and Dr Pankaj Bhatnagar for “Homoeo Ratan Award”. As a Leading Homoeopathic Venture, BJain Group was awarded by the Certificate of Excellence. On behalf of BJain group Mr Manish Jain, the Director, received the award. Also, the Certificate of Excellence was awarded to Dr Kushal Banerjee, Dr Ritu Arora, Dr Ankur Gupta, Dr Akash Marwah, Ishan Pandit and various Pharmacists and Deserved candidates from various Homoeopathic firms and colleges. “Lifetime Achievement Award” was awarded to Dr Rahul Kumar Singh, Dr Deepak Sharma, Dr Paramjeet Khurana, Dr Sanjeev Kohli, Dr Kusum Arora and Dr Bindra Vashisht. Dr Mahesh Bhuttan, Dr Navneet Bidani, Dr Rumjhum Singh, Dr Rohit Bhandari, Dr H.S. Mondal, Dr Amarender Nandal, Dr N.K. Jain, Dr Kanika Kaur, Dr Saurav Arora were felicitated with “Homoeo Bhushan award”. “Homoeo Icon award” was awarded to various young Homoeopathic Achievers, Dr Mini Mehta, Dr Yashika Arora, Dr Akshita Gupta, Dr Sumit Dhawan, Dr Mayur Jain, Dr Shweta Singh, Dr Richa Panwar, Dr Achilesh Gupta, Dr Harpreet Kaur, Dr Sadia Nasim and Dr Deepak Bhardwaj.

The event included Cultural programmes from all Homoeopathic Medical colleges from Delhi-NCR and Haryana, which included the various Dance performances and Live Materia Medica was presented by students from NHMC, SHMC, Bakson HMC, JRK HMC, Sympathy Institute of Pharmacy, which actually gathered the maximum crowd during the event.

The celebration went well at last, with loads of fun and old meet-ups of all friends and families. A good event never ends in the world, they take only a pause and keep us waiting for the next.


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