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BJain Group Awarded As The Leading Homeopathic Venture

Bjain Group Won The Certificate Of Excellence As A Leading Homoeopathic Venture BJain Group was awarded the “Excellence award as the Leading Homoeopathic Venture” in the 264th Birthday celebration of Master Hahnemann on 28th April 2019 at Pearey Lal Bhawan, Delhi by Delhi Homoeopathic Federation, in collaborations with all other associations of Homoeopathy. Mr Manish Jain, the Director, received the award on behalf of B. Jain Group from the Chief Guest, Hon’ble Health Minister, Mr Satyendra Jain, Dr Raj Kumar Manchanda, Deputy General, C.C.R.H. and Dr K.K. Juneja, Ex-Chairman, Board of Homoeopathic system of medicine, Delhi.


The host of the event, Dr Yashika Arora, explained about the journey of BJain Group since the very beginning. B. Jain was established by Late Dr P. N. Jain in the year 1966. For more than four decades, the B. Jain group has been synonymous with Quality Homoeopathy. The Company started as a quality homoeopathic book publisher and had the motto of providing books at a reasonable price to spread homoeopathy across India and the globe. B. Jain books are now available with each and every homoeopathic lover across the globe due to the hard work and determination of the group.


Bjain Group Won The Certificate Of Excellence As A Leading Homoeopathic VentureB.Jain store is the best platform for every reader to complete range of homoeopathy books and journal. The group has meanwhile grown from being a small provider of cyclostyled notes to an international brand having the name in Children, Health, Parenting, Self-help, Business, Spiritual, Naturotherapy and Mind-Body-Spirit books.


Also, BJain has developed its name in Pharmaceuticals, Periodicals under which comes the Homoeopathic Heritage, Radar opus, conducting seminars all over the world, Homoeopathy 360, Homeobuzz and the newly begun online video courses, The Homoeopathic Academy, for UG, PG, Ph.D. Students as well as Homoeopathic Practitioners all over the world.


Our books are immensely popular and accepted NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY.  B. JAIN also gave a platform to the Indian doctors by publishing their books and making them available across the world.


Homoeopathic Heritage journal is the oldest homoeopathic journal (Peer-reviewed) published to date without any break. It gave a platform to homoeopaths from different parts of the world and country to share their thoughts and cases and this learns from each other.


In 1993, the group started distributing the RADAR homoeopathic software in Asia. Today, RADAR OPUS is the most advanced and user -friendly homoeopathic software and is being used by a maximum number of successful homoeopaths around the world. For B. Jain, Homoeopathy is not just a business but a passion and that is why they have sister concerns like C.A.S.H which works with the sole aim to popularize homoeopathy. It’s the passion which has made B. Jain start a pharmaceutical plant which brings a unique feature of giving the right to each and every doctor how his/her medicines are being made. B. Jain today is one stop shop for homoeopathy, for any homoeopath, where they can get all for their homoeopathy needs, from books, journal, magazine, globules, remedy bags, high-quality medicines and now the teachings of great Homoeopaths from all over the world, with 100 assurance of its correctness.


The Award itself mentions the services BJain has selflessly rendered to the field of Homoeopathy since years. We are thankful to the organising committee of Delhi Homoeopathic Federation for their felicitation.


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