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Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere!!


‘In science, there is no place for dogmas. The Scientific researcher is free to ask any question, Question any proposition, the search of any proof and to correct any fallacy. Whenever science was used in the past to develop a new dogmatism, such dogmatism, in the end, proved ire-concealable with the advancement of science; Ultimately the dogma was broken down, or else science and freedom passed away together’

J. R. Oppenheimer, The Open Mind, 1955

Subtle Energy Properties of Water

Two- thirds of our planet and 65-70% of our body is made up of this most vital life-giving molecule – Water.

In homeopathy the criteria for this discipline being ‘unscientific’ is the mere fact that we have not advanced far enough in science to comprehend the behaviour and subsequently the subtle energy properties of this molecule. The Homeopathic principles depend on one of its most important aspects of the dilution and succussion of the remedies.

In ascending potencies, the more dilute the remedy, the more potent. After 12C or 24X potencies there is theoretically not a single molecule of the original substance remaining, according to Avogadro’s Law. This is a critical point, as it would appear that water can be ‘charged’ then ‘store’ various types of subtle energies.


Professor Cyril Smith postulated that the action of homeopathic remedies could be explained in physical terms if water, alcohol and lactose could be shown to take up some structure having the properties of an electrical resonator which matches the electrical frequencies present or missing in the body. This would be the electromagnetic equivalent of the string or pipe of a musical instrument, which ‘remembers’ the frequencies to which it has been tuned.


In the book ‘Vibrational Medicine’ by Richard Gerber, he mentions an experiment conducted by Grad-whereby water exposed to psychiatric patients and that which was treated by a (spiritual) healer, showed different growth rates on seedlings. The seedlings were grown on the psychiatric patient water hardly grew; those on the healer-treated water grew significantly more than non-treated water. He concluded that this evidence is unexplainable by the current cause and effect analysis of Newtonian dynamics. It seems that water has a ‘memory’, which can retain these subtle energy qualities of the plant within it.


Since then research has been undertaken by J. Beneviste at the University of Paris; he stated that water has a – Dipole Molecular Structure, (alcohol has this same structure) it is the water molecule either in the form of a water-alcohol mixture or a physiological saline solution which is capable of storing electromagnetic information of a medicine.


Water Theories

Water has, so far, been an enigma to homeopaths and physical chemists alike. There is still no theoretical model that explains all of its diverse and enigmatic properties.

If succussion is the means by which medicinal information is implanted and amplified within the diluent, what is the nature of that memory? More importantly….

Where is it?


When we look at liquid water in detail, it is more organised than we may assume, and not simply a random mass of hydrogen oxide molecules. In order to unravel the mystery of water memory, and therefore, potentisation, we need to have a clear understanding of its structure.


To begin with, looking at water as H2O is something of an oversimplification. Both hydrogen and oxygen exist in various isotopic forms; that is to say, their neutrons differ in number (by convention, the mass number, which is the total number of protons and neutrons in the given isotope, is written as a superscript before the symbol of the element).


The most relevant to the composition of natural waters are:

1H (the most common form of hydrogen, the nucleus of which, consists of a single proton), 2H (deuterium, often given the symbol D, the nucleus of which consists of one proton and one neutron), 16O (the most common form of oxygen), 17O and 18O.


Contrary to popular belief, pure liquid water is an extremely poor conductor of electricity, in that its ability to dissociate into H3Oand OHions is very weak.


The structure of water is dramatically altered in high potency homoeopathic remedies. Even though no drug is present, nuclear magnetic resonance methods show that in some way the vehicle has physically changed. This change may, in some manner, be passed on to the body fluids. German researchers suggest that photons (light particles) are involved in causing these changes.


Since significant amounts of the drug are present in low dilutions, changes of the protein structure with enzymes are likely to be primarily through drug-receptor interactions. The molecules of the remedy may be highly energised via succussion (or trituration), a process of great importance in high dilutions. Succussion causes the breaking up of the water crystal structures and the establishment of new hydration structures, which are more stable and preserve the information content of the solute more firmly. In this way, not only is the information capable of being transmitted in successive dilutions and successions but of being reproduced more accurately and effectively. This appears to be the basis of the energization of the high potencies. In the process of dilution and succession of the drug, it appears that information is transferred from the drug to the solvent structure. This phenomenon appears to be relevant to the understanding of homoeopathy.


The process of potentising the remedies, succussing or grinding is also akin to magnetising an iron rod by rubbing it. In doing so, we produce electric fields around every particle of the powdered drug. The more we triturate, the stronger the dielectric field produced and the more potentised the triturated material becomes.


Tuned Solvent Hypothesis

In 1984, Paul Callinan, of the university department of Antarctic engineering in Melbourne, Australia stated in his research paper—

In the process of dilution and succussion (or trituration) of the medicinal substance, it appears that the curative information (the therapeutic power) inherent in the drug molecules is transferred to the molecules of the solvent — the water. These water molecules have been through the potentisation process and have become more stable and able to accurately reproduce the data received from the remedy. This data transfer hypothesis may explain why high potency remedies are more effective than mere low dilution.


Water Clusters

In physics, physical chemistry and quantum chemistry, water is known as an extremely complex substance in all of its states. Water shows various qualities in its liquid state including the forming of distinct long-range structures, and localised and delocalised structures, commonly called clusters.


The season earth is covering an area of 361 x 10Km(with an aver- age-depth of 3.8 Km), that makes 71% of the total surface of the earth. A considerable amount of water is in the ground and carried by rivers, lakes, the polar caps and air. In plants, 90% of their weight is water, and the portion in animals and human body count 65%. Water is everywhere. It’s the basis of life. It is part of us, and it is obvious that we should be respectful when dealing with water; especially once the mechanism of transferring and storing of information in water is understood.


The high polarity of water molecules causes them to form hydrogen bonds (a polarized hydrogen atom of one water molecule forms a weak bond with the oxygen atom of a different water molecule). Hydrogen bonds play an important role in molecular genetics, where they control the unification of the two branches of the DNA molecule. Hydrogen bonds are the origin of specific local structures formed in liquid and solid water.


From the hydrogen bonds, there is an incredible number of separate stable structural states, where each state represents a certain structure. For a clearer picture of this, consider the hydrogen bonds as a system of logical switches, where the logical rules relate to the rules of the physical interaction. Stimulating these switches with suitable fields of energy, the switches react according to the rules of interaction. Similar to the way a microchip reacts with a successful memory change when it gets a correct change of voltage in a certain voltage range. With too little voltage it will not respond, with too high voltage the structure will be completely destroyed. (The concept of the correct range may be the hint of where to find the key to different effects of different homoeopathic potencies of the same remedy). This is a simplified version of the possible property of water storing information. However, whether storing of information in water works this way cannot be scientifically decided yet.


Homeopathy and the Limits of Current Theories

The main issue regarding homeopathy is how the remedy information is transferred to the water, or how information can be permanently stored in water, also, how this information is transferred to the patient to be cured. These are only some pieces of the puzzle that need to be turned around to decide if they fit.


Another piece of the puzzle is the production of remedies; there are three main procedures-

The substance (e.g. of herb with healing properties) is soluted in water and diluted & potentised (Homeopathy)

The herb or leaves of a herb only make contact with the water (Bach Flower Remedies)

The information carrying water does not have physical contact with the donator of healing properties (Machine made Remedies)


In Homeopathic preparation, the interaction of the essence and water is through direct contact. Exchange of information (property) with water molecules occurs on the same level. Here we still might be able to search for physical methods and explanations within the frame of currently accepted knowledge of science. Maybe with simple methods like the switch model mentioned previously, it is possible to solve this problem.


With the Flower Remedies, the interpretation is near the edge of the current horizon of science. The active substance only touches the surface of the water. This is a huge restriction when considering electromagnetic interaction. There is only one layer of herb or leaf molecules and one layer of water molecules in contact. The distance of subsequent layers is electro-magnetically large, therefore, the interaction is weaker and the effect of those remedies is subtler.


With machine-made remedies, more subtle levels are touched and molecular electromagnetic interaction can no longer be measured.


In order to explain Bach Flower Remedies and Machine Made Remedies, the accepted paths of physics have to be extended. The information-carrying capacity of liquid water suggests that indirect paths of investigation may be needed; these are well known in physics. With Homeopathy we may think of morphogenetic fields, which have been mentioned by Rupert Sheldrake. Also other theories such as the primitive reciprocal field or new concepts like the quantum mechanical model of an interacting community. Theoretical investigations and model simulations on homeopathy are far away from providing empirical and experimental research with a solid foundation. Independent funding of qualified research could give homeopathy a theoretical base, which cannot only provide its experimental and empirical research with important hints but may provide valuable contributions to biogenetics, chemistry and nuclear engineering.

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