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Gemstones and crystals: 24 May to 25 May 2019

Crystal and Psyche: Alize Timmerman en Wiet van Helmond 

The joy of being a man or woman, mother/father, daughter/son and the relations we develop. Our perspective on the gemstones and the crystal structures has been enhanced tremendously over the last couple of years. The stones teach us a lot about the systems in which we live. They help us untie ourselves from the roles we are dealt with and they stimulate us to go further on our own individual journey. We are more and more aware of the huge group of stones that are already present in our materia medica and are getting a better perspective of them as a ‘family’. By differentiating on crystal structure it is not only easier to come to a stone remedy but it also presents us with a birds-eye perspective of the whole periodic table! On these days we will take some well-known remedies as well as some lesser known remedies to take a look at the bigger picture which will help us enormously in our daily prescribing method and will also help us get a better view of the personal developments by our patients. And not just with the stone remedies!

We experience which stones enhance our vitality, beauty and sense of connection. We learn to comprehend the structures and how to restore our own foundation and vitality.  

gemstones to be presented: Emerald. Ruby. Rose Quartz, Jade, Moonstone, Moldavite and others.

Per day € 100,00 coffee, tea, biological soup with bread and fruit included.

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