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Seminar on Homeopathic Facial Analysis with Grant Bentley

A seminar on Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) with Grant Bentley was organised by Centre for Advanced Studies in Homeopathy (CASH) and Central Council of Research in Homeopathy (CCRH), at CCRH auditorium, New Delhi on 2nd March’ 2019.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr RK Manchanda, Director, CCRH; Dr Anil Khuranna, Deputy Director, CCRH; Mr Manish Jain, Director, BJAIN Publishers; and Mr Dale Emerson, from RADAR OPUS Belgium.

The lead speaker of the conference was Mr Grant Bentley who is the Principal of Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy, Australia. He is the one who has researched upon the link between Facial structure and Miasmatic classification of polychrest remedies, the methodology of which has been named as Homoeopathic Facial Analysis. He is also the Author of many renowned books such as Soul and Survival, Facial Analysis and Homeopathy and many more.

The event was started by a floral tribute paid by the dignitaries to the founder of Homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann and lamp was lit as a symbol of the bright future of homeopathy.

Grant Bentley seminarIn the inaugural words Dr. Manchanda and Dr Anil Khuranna, welcomed the new concept of HFA and was keen about its future study and results. Later, Dr Grant Bentley was called upon the stage Mr Dale Emerson.

Dr Bentley enlightened the participants about the discovery of this concept and even discussed various cases to show its practical application. His study has been well devised and was explained using figures of each facial feature and their miasmatic relationship. Dr Bentley even urged all the participants to further research upon this innovative system. He also had a practice session with the participants making the conference more interesting and interactive. This made the understanding of the concept easier to understand.

The event was concluded by Mr Dale Emerson thanking Mr Bentley and the participants for their prestigious time. The event was a great learning session for all and the concept has been urged to be researched by the practitioners in India as well as across the globe.


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