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Government asked to promote homoeopathy

homeopathyPESHAWAR: The principal deputy director of the Frontier School of Homeopathic Medicine, Colonel Iqbal Shaheen, asked the government to promote homeopathy in the country through the establishment of a university at the federal level.
When speaking with The News, he said that the government should also solve the problems of homeopaths and other practitioners in this field. Iqbal Shaheen, the son of the late Dr Ghayur Ahmad Khan, who founded the first university of degree in homeopathy in the country, said that the Frontier School of Homeopathic Medicine was established and affiliated with the University of Peshawar in 1998. Medicine and surgery homeopathic for students of homeopathy. He said that around 400 students had obtained BHMS degrees at the university and some university graduates had completed their master’s and doctoral studies. He said that the National Council of Homeopathy (NCH) made unremitting efforts to approve the curriculum for the five-year bachelor’s program of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). He said that the study program would be taught in some 150 universities in the country that offer BHMS in homeopathy. Iqbal Shaheen said that the NCH had been making efforts to pass the MD courses in homeopathy and the doctoral program of the HEC. He noted that Pakistan had lagged far behind the regional countries in the field of homeopathy and said the government should facilitate the opening of more universities to offer undergraduate courses in homeopathy. “Presently matriculation is the requisite qualification for seeking a diploma course in homeopathy. Pakistan cannot excel in this field until graduate and postgraduate courses are offered at the college and university level,” he argued.

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