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Dr Batra’s Homeopathy, the biggest chain of homeopathic centers, opens its ways to give free preventive medication to Swine Flu. This year the rate and reach of the lethal malady has been across the board with more than 2,500 are tested positive and 77 deaths revealed in 2019 as indicated by the Union Health Ministry. Understanding its central goal of recuperating individuals and evolving lives, Dr Batra’s Homeopathy advances its responsibility to well-being and welfare in the nation by offering free preventive measurement for H1N1 (swine influenza) over the entirety of its facilities in Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmadabad and Hyderabad.


Signs and symptoms

  • Individuals who are probably going to travel are in peril.swine flu
  • Pregnant ladies and youthful youngsters, kids with dormancy, low hunger, and breathing trouble are additionally considered in the high hazard classification.
  • Individuals with ineffectively overseen unending conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart and other respiratory issues are at more serious hazard.
  • Individuals influenced by Swine Flu may hint at –
  • Redness of eyes
  • High evaluation fever
  • Loss of craving combined with the runs and heaving


Preventive measures of Swine Flu

  • As a precautionary measure, increased screening and reconnaissance for every single viral disease ought to be completed alongside immunizing high-hazard gatherings, individuals influenced with regular cold and suspected fever should remain at home and take a lot of hot and sustaining liquids.
  • The Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) proposes homeopathic prescription as a preventive medication against swine influenza.
  • The Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) has proposed the homeopathic medication Arsenicum Album as a preventive medication against swine influenza.
  • It has suggested one dose of Arsenicum Album 30, every day on an unfilled stomach for three days. The portion ought to be rehashed following one month by following a similar calendar on the off chance that influenza like conditions win in the zone.
  • In 2015, more than 4,795 cases and in 2016, more than 355 cases were effectively given preventive drug without a reoccurrence in those cases.


Talking on the requirement for dire preventive drug for Swine Flu, dr mukesh batraFounder and Chairman Emeritus of  Dr Batra’s Group of Companies, Dr. Mukesh Batra, said, “With our widespread reach and presence in 120 cities across the country and the medical expertise of over 400 doctors, we are poised to provide the required assistance.”

For free preventive dosage

  • Visit –
  • To register for an appointment call on 9167791677 between 12th Feb to 15th Feb between 12 noon and 5 P.M.
  • The preventive drug will be accessible in all Dr Batra centers in Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmadabad and Hyderabad.

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