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A successful CME concluded in Delhi by BHP-HMA At B.R. Sur Homeopathic College !

Today, a massive seminar program under the chairmanship of President Dr. D.C.Prajapati, organized by the Indian Homeopathy Panel, was held at B.R.Sur Homoeopathy Medical College, Delhi, in which 102 doctors of homeopathy took part in this enlightening seminar. Dr. D.D.Vichitra, Dr. R.Kant, Dr. B.D.Awasthi gave profitable information on different subjects in Homeopathy. They showed to drs, how the homeopathic medicines was used in curing the diseases by acting on root causes.
Dr. D.C. Prajapati said that selection of homeopathy medicine can be difficult, but it is a successful treatment. He said that today many diseases like cancer, epilepsy, congenital diseases, brain diseases, leucoderma, psoriasis end with homeopathy. This Pathy helps in enhancing the immune system of an individual. On this occasion, HMA Delhi President Dr Yashika Arora told that now India’s homeopathy has been flown in overseas also. Now there is a need of such as Pathy. Dr Kanwal Nain told that the government should give more employment opportunities to the physicians of homeopathy by opening more colleges, hospitals, and Dr Deepak Sharma told that all the state government should adopts homeopathy as a part of its national program, which Will help the society to get economical treatment. On this occasion, on the behalf of B Jain, seminar certificate was provided to the doctor and Senior doctors like Dr. Subhash Bhargava, (Netherlands) Dr. Ramratan Prasad (Jharkhand), Dr. Dhananjay Deshmukh (Maharashtra) came to attend this seminar. He has been asked by the Government for Homeopathy Medicine. Demanded more employment in the field. Dr. Ram Ranawat, Dr. Nidhi Saxena, Dr. Himani Gupta, Dr. Dinesh Jasuja, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. VC Shukla also demanded help from Health Minister for the stalemate coming into the homeopathy.
In the end, Dr. D.C. Prajapati announced that a race will be held on 7th April at the Race Course for Homeopathy at India Gate.
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